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Google Sheets Chart Editor Sidebar

Get to know the Google Sheets Chart editor sidebar. The Chart editor sidebar is a pane that organizes chart editing options using collapsible sections. The sidebar allows the chart style, chart and axis titles, series, legend, horizontal axis, vertical axis, and gridlines to be customized. The pane displays different choices depending on chart type. When […]

Read Aloud for PDF Files

If you have students who have difficulty reading or students who are not proficient in written English, you can covert the text to speech in a PDF file. You have two options to have the PDF read aloud. Use Adobe Reader TEXT TO SPEECH Open the PDF file in Adobe Reader DC. Go to the […]

Screencast to Make a Video

Having made a slide show in TechnoToon using PowerPoint in Office 365 Online, students needed the option of turning their digital stories into videos. The desktop version of PowerPoint offers this option, but the online version does not. What to do? Screencast! Screen casting, or recording what is on your computer screen, is a popular […]

Create WordArt Online

Kids love creating WordArt! So we were quite disappointed when we discovered that Office Word and PowerPoint 365 Online had no feature allowing us to make WordArt for our projects. What to do? A quick search using the term free online wordart maker yielded results. Try it or use Cool Text, one of our favorites. […]