Now the Students’ Turn: Reflecting on TechnoJourney

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What do students think about learning Internet Skills? You might recall that before the Grade ¾ class began the technology project TechnoJourney, they thought they knew EVERYTHING about the Internet. Now upon the completion of the project, it was time to find out what they thought of the experience. Did they learn something new? Will they use the skills again? Three students were selected from the class. Here are their comments:

    Students in junior grades learn Internet skills.TechnoJourney taught junior students Internet skills and responsible digital citizenship.

UPDATE: TechnoJourney was replaced with TechnoInternet. The activities are similar.

Shadi, what did you learn in TechnoJourney that you think you could use next year in Grade 4?
I learned to bookmark sites. I think I could use this when I’m doing projects next year. Also, last year I made a slide show about animals and if I have to make one next year, I’ll know how to bookmark sites to find information for it.

Do you think all kids should learn these Internet skills?
Yes! I found information more easily. I didn’t need to ask my teacher for help as much as I did before.

Students use Google Maps to locate their homes.
Students had fun using Google Maps to locate their homes.

Tami, which parts of the TechnoJourney project were the most fun?
I really liked watching the videos.

Hannah, what did you learn that might help you in the future, at home, or at school?
If I had to go to a friend’s house and my parents didn’t know where it was, I can now use Google Maps to find a place.
I think I’ll use the Internet for homework. I learned that you can find other videos than just on You Tube. These videos can even help me do homework. I don’t always have to read information; I can watch it too.
I learned how to find sites on the Internet that I can trust. I learned to check the address at the top when I did a search. If the URL ends in .gov or .com I can probably trust it better than sites from ThinkQuest that are written by kids.

For which projects do you think you might use your new Internet skills?
Last year we did TechnoAnimal and TechnoHero. I think I would search better now.

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