How to Make a Gradient Map to Create Duotone or Blended Images in Photoshop

A gradient map is a smooth blending from one color to another. The Gradient Map adjustment in Photoshop converts existing colors to a gradient based on whether the area is a dark, mid-tone, or light color. The dark color becomes the color to the left of the gradient map, the light color becomes the color to the right of the gradient map, and a mid-tone becomes a blend of the colors. By using gradient map, you can transform your picture into an attractive duotone image or a rainbow image that looks very wacky.

How to Make a Gradient Map in Photoshop

Pick Colors

  1. From the Tools panel, pick two colors for the gradient.
  2. Pick a Foreground and Background Color

    Pick a Foreground and Background Color

    • The foreground color swatch sets the dark colors. Pick a dark color such as dark blue or dark green.
    • The background color swatch sets the light colors. Pick a light color such as light blue or light green or white.
    • The mid-tones will become a blend of those two choices.
    foreground and background colors

    Be thoughtful when selecting the foreground and background colors.

    View the Gradient Map

  3. From the Image menu, select Adjustments. Pick Gradient Map.
  4. The picture is now a duotone image:
    • To smooth the appearance of the fill, click the Dither checkbox.
    • To switch the order of the colors, click the Reverse checkbox.
    Create a Duotone Image with Gradient Map

    Create a duotone image.

    Edit the Colors in the Gradient Map

  5. To adjust the color in the gradient map, click on the Gradient Used for Grayscale Mapping bar.
  6. Adjust the colors in the gradient map.

    Adjust the colors in the gradient map.

  7. From the Gradient Editor dialog box, click on a bottom stop.
  8. Click on the Color box. Make a selection from the spectrum. Click OK
  9. adjust the color of a gradient map stop

    Adjust the foreground or background color of the gradient map.

  10. Reduce the value in the Location box to adjust the position of the stop. This will increase the amount of the color in the image.
  11. location stop

    Set the location of the stop to increase the amount of color.

  12. Click OK to apply the changes and close the Gradient Editor dialog box.
  13. duotone image and gradient map

    Adjust the color and position of the stop to create a unique duotone image.

    Apply a Preset Gradient Map

  14. To pick from a selection of preset gradients, click the arrow beside the color bar.
  15. Make a selection.
  16. Pick a preset for the gradient map.

    Pick a preset for the gradient map.

  17. Explore the options to create a unique artistic effect.
  18. Apply a colorful gradient using the Preset options.

    Apply a colorful gradient using the Preset options.

  19. Click OK to apply the changes.
  20. Photoshop Activities

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