Spanish Support Materials for English Language Learners

Spanish support materials can improve academic achievement. While Hispanic students are learning English, it is beneficial to provide them with instructional materials that are in their home language. This allows them to apply their current knowledge to develop new skills.

Spanish Technology Projects Support Learning

Do you need Spanish resources to support English Language Learners? TechnoKids Inc. has a Spanish Bundle for Google Apps to support English Language Learners. The bundle is a collection of technology projects. Each project includes a teacher guide for curriculum planning, student workbook with handbooks to promote independence, and resources to reinforce learning.

  • The teacher guide for each technology project is available in English and Spanish. This allows a teacher to organize lessons.
  • The student workbook for each technology project is available in Spanish. The provides learners with detailed instructions they can follow. They can then complete the work in English independently because they have a firm understanding of the task.
  • The resources such as sample files are in Spanish to provide a model of a completed project.

5 Reasons to Use Spanish Support Materials

It is a good idea to build on language learners existing knowledge and skills. Using Spanish support materials to complete schoolwork in English has many advantages:

  1. Pride in Home Language: When teachers use instructions in the student’s first language it demonstrates that English is not a replacement of their first language. Instead, it is an addition. This allows the student to feel pride in their home language and not view it as a disadvantage. It is important for learners to recognize that knowing their first language is relevant to academic success in their new language.
  2. Increase Academic Achievement: English Language Learners are expected to meet curriculum standards. This can be difficult when they are not proficient in English. Using Spanish materials to explain the instructions allows students to understand the steps to completing a task. This increases the likelihood of academic success.
  3. Reduce Cognitive Load: Completing an assignment can be very difficult for English Language Learners. They struggle to understand the instructions, learn the content, and then apply their skills to demonstrate their knowledge in English. Using Spanish materials reduces the cognitive load. Attention switches from comprehending the task. Instead, students can focus on organizing ideas and writing in a foreign language.
  4. Boost Skills: Teaching using Spanish materials helps English Language Learners. The resources develop vocabulary and concepts in their first language. This boosts cognitive skills.
  5. Encourage Independence: English Language Learners benefit when they can take charge of their learning. Spanish resources allow them to work independently. This makes them feel confident which encourages risk taking in learning a new language.

Spanish Support Materials that Integrate Technology

English Language Learners need to function in an information and technology based society. The Spanish Bundle for Google Apps teaches essential 21st Century skills. Activities target word processing, presentation, spreadsheet, and Internet research skills.

The fun lessons integrate technology into subject areas such as language arts and mathematics. The Spanish Bundle for Google Apps includes three technology projects. These are TechnoToon, TechnoResearch, and TechnoCandy. The instructions and resources are in Spanish. This allows learners to understand how to use technology. They can then apply their skills to use English to complete the project.

  • In TechnoToon, students learn how to tell a digital story. This is an excellent way to build writing skills. The activity uses Google Slides.
  • In TechnoResearch, the lesson plans explain how to conduct research to learn about a topic. Students arrange the information to create a fact card. Google Docs is used to complete the task.
  • In TechnoCandy, students follow detailed lessons to use spreadsheets. They analyze, graph, and calculate data. This helps them to develop a plan to boost candy sales. A report outlines their solution. The assignments use Google Sheets and Google Docs.

Learn More About Spanish Bundle for Google Apps

The Spanish Bundle for Google Apps provides teachers of English Language Learners with helpful materials. Students have support in their home language. This gives them the skills and confidence they need to succeed. Learn more about the Spanish Bundle for Google Apps.

Christa Love

Christa Love, Curriculum Developer & Teacher ~ I am passionate about blending technology into curriculum. Whether it is programming, video production, graphic design, or digital citizenship, I am interested in how apps and tools can be used to enhance learning. Throughout the years I have designed many TechnoKids technology projects. My favorite part of curriculum development is field-testing the ideas to determine the activities that work best in real classrooms. I write about what I have learned that can save teachers time in their own curriculum planning.

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