Office 2013 PowerPoint Transitions are Fantastic

new powerpoint transitions

Office 2013 has added many new transitions that make using PowerPoint FUN!

What is a transition?

A transition is an action that occurs between slides, when changing from one to another.

Why use a transition?

Transitions are more than just “razzle dazzle.” When used thoughtfully, they can improve a presentation.

Transitions can:

  1. begin a presentation with excitement
  2. emphasize a message
  3. enhance information about a topic
  4. divide ideas
  5. match the purpose of a presentation
  6. create viewer interest


What New Transitions are in Office 2013?

The good news is that Office 2013 has included some new transitions that will transform an average presentation into something EXTRADINARY. Here are a few of my favorites:

Begin a Presentation with Curtain: In Office 2013, the CURTAIN transition is a great way to begin a presentation. It transforms the slide into a curtain that gradually parts to show the next slide. This transition will attract immediate attention.

Emphasize a Message with Crush: A transition can emphasize a message to the audience. In Office 2013, the CRUSH transition is great for slides about an environmental topic related to recycling, garbage, or waste. This transition really makes a point.

Enhance Information about a Topic with Airplane: A transition should suit the topic of the presentation. In Office 2013, the AIRPLANE transition is a great choice for a presentation about flight or a famous aviator. It is also fun to watch!

Divide Ideas using Fall Over: A transition can be used to separate ideas to signal the audience you are changing topics. In Office 2013, the FALL OVER transition divides one topic area from another in a presentation effectively.

Match the purpose of a presentation using Page Curl: A transition can be used to match the purpose of the presentation. In Office 2013, the PAGE CURL transition is perfect for a digital story. It makes it easy to read the story as you change from one page to the next, simulating the action of a real book.

Create audience interest with Fracture: A transition can be used to create audience interest. In Office 2013, FRACTURE is a transition that attracts viewer attention because it is different and unique.

Transitions Make a Presentation BETTER!

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Christa Love

Christa Love, Curriculum Developer & Teacher ~ I am passionate about blending technology into curriculum. Whether it is programming, video production, graphic design, or digital citizenship, I am interested in how apps and tools can be used to enhance learning. Throughout the years I have designed many TechnoKids technology projects. My favorite part of curriculum development is field-testing the ideas to determine the activities that work best in real classrooms. I write about what I have learned that can save teachers time in their own curriculum planning.

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