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Access Technology Projects from TechnoHub

Great news! TechnoKids Inc. just launched a new digital library called TechnoHub. It organizes all your TechnoKids projects onto online bookshelves. No need to back up your files. You can access all the instructional materials anywhere, anytime. And for the 2020/21 school year, TechnoHub will be provided FREE with each product purchase!

TechnoHub includes over 40 technology projects for Microsoft Office, Google, and programming.  When you log in you can instantly see projects that have been updated. If you own a set or package new projects are automatically added to your shelves.

TechnoHub offers educators a convenient way to get the lessons and resources they need. Product availability is no longer restricted. Instead, you can download any version including Google or Microsoft 2019, 2016, or 2013. Please note, older titles and Office 2010 or earlier versions are not available.

How to Log in to TechnoHub

  1. If you are a TechnoKids customer, visit https://www.technokids.com/technohub/login.
  2. Type in your username and password. It will be the same as the information you used to make your purchase from the TechnoKids store. Click Log in.

How to View Projects

TechnoKids Bookshelf Tabs
Click a tab to view the contents of the bookshelf.
  1. Once you are signed in you will notice that the bookshelf is organized using tabs. There is a Primary shelf, Junior shelf, Intermediate shelf, and a Senior shelf. Click the tabs to see the technology projects in your collection.
  2. Each technology project on the shelf has an information button, download button, and favorites button. You might want to mark a project as your favorite if that is one you are currently teaching.
  3. project with symbols
    View project details, add an item to the Download cart, or mark as Favorite.
  4. There are different ways to display the bookshelf. You can show only your projects, by selecting My Projects, or you can view All Projects, My Favorites, New Projects, or Updated Projects.
show menu
Use Show to filter projects on each shelf.

View All the Projects

  1. Select All Projects to see the entire collection.
  2. If you have purchased the TechnoKids package all the technology projects will be unlocked. However, if you have only purchased a set or individual project then some of the items on the shelf will be locked. To access these materials, you must purchase them from the TechnoKids store.
Items with locks must be purchased from the TechnoKids store.

How to Download a Project

  1. To download a technology project, find the one that you want on your bookshelf.
  2. Click the download button.
  3. You will need to pick a version that matches the software you are using. Click Close.
  4. Click the Download button. Select the version that matches the software on your device.
  5. The item will be added to your Download Cart. You can continue to add technology projects.
  6. When you are done, click Start Download.
  7. start download button
    Projects are added to the Download cart.
  8. The files will be prepared for download. Be patient. The more items you add to the cart, the longer it will take.
  9. Starting Download message box.
    The more projects in the cart, the longer it will take to download.
  10. Depending on your device’s setting you may be asked where you want to save the files, or they may automatically be placed in your Downloads folder. When the download is complete you can access your TechnoKids technology projects.

Watch a Video About TechnoHub

Keep your lessons current. Use TechnoHub to download the latest versions of your TechnoKids projects.

TechnoKids and Google Classroom

What Is Google Classroom?

TechnoKids and Google Classroom work very well together! Google Classroom is a free web service developed for schools by Google. It was designed to simplify the creation, distribution, and grading of assignments without the need for paper. Now, paired with TechnoKids Technology Projects, you’re good to go!

TechnoKids and Google Classroom

We recently set up our own Google Classroom to try it out. We quickly discovered how easily TechnoKids and Google Classroom work together. Attaching a TechnoKids PDF workbook file to a new Class assignment was very easy.  We found that along with a few instructions, students were able to answer questions electronically in the document and open a template file in a Google App like Docs, Sheets, Slides, or Drawings. It was not difficult to attach newly created documents or additional files.

Google Classroom icon

Submitting completed assignments is also quick and easy. The teacher can review the completed work, assign a grade, and offer any comments directly to the student.

Getting Started

To use TechnoKids with Google Classroom, you will need to add a Chrome extension to your browser. This allows users to annotate the TechnoKids PDF worksheet files directly in the browser, save the changes, and submit them for grading. We suggest using either Kami or XODO extensions.

What You Need to Know

The first thing you need to do is create a Class in Google Classroom. Add your students simply by sharing a class code with the class or invite students by email. We found the former was the quickest where the student joined the class by simply typing in the code. The latter requires the student to open the email invite and click the Join link.

Next, you’ll need to upload the TechnoKids project resources to your Class Drive folder. This puts all the resources you’ll need to create assignments in one convenient spot.

Now you’re ready to create an assignment and issue it to your class. Open the first TechnoKids project assignment and read the instructions. Determine if the student needs to add answers to this document, do they need an added template file to complete the activity, or are they merely going to follow the directions to create a new document in Google Docs, Slides, Sheets, or Drawings? Next, create a new assignment in your Class, attach the worksheet and any other necessary files. Set the user permission to give the student access to read or write to the file(s). Give the assignment a grade value and a due date, then place it into the TechnoKids project category.

The student opens the assignment in their Class to follow the instructions and complete the activity. The convenient Turn in option will alert the teacher when the assignment is ready for grading.

All in all, we found that our resource materials work very well with Google Classroom.


If you think you still need some help getting started with TechnoKids and Google Classroom, we have put together some supportive Q&A’s here.

Watch Our Google Classroom playlist!

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TechnoKids Partners with InfinityKids Honduras

TechnoKids Inc. is pleased to partner with InfinityKids Innovation Honduras. InfinityKids provides a multi-curriculum program based on the STEM methodology. It is a group of companies focused on the development of technology skills in education. Their mission is to provide students with the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics skills they will need to face tomorrow’s problems.

Sandra Maldonado, CEO of TechnoKids Guatemala, states “We are very happy with the addition of InfinityKids to the TechnoKids family. We believe that education and technology are the basis for progress and the countries of the Central American region need to have our population prepared to compete in a globalized world. InfinityKids will be helping to prepare the next generations to be competitive in a global environment.”


TechnoKids technology projects were the ideal fit for InfinityKids. Both companies value a project-based approach to learning. In addition, the TechnoKids instructional materials work well with InfinityKids’ electronic platform and interactive classes.

Anael Edgardo Mejía Aguilar, from InfinityKids Partner Club spoke about the addition of TechnoKids to their curriculum, “We are more than grateful to be able to count on an innovative and creative methodology such as TechnoKids, allowing us to change the education of the Honduran student.”

The team at TechnoKids Inc. is delighted to have the opportunity to work alongside Sandra and InfinityKids in teaching the skills of tomorrow… today!

To learn more about InfinityKids contact their office:

TechnoKids 25th Anniversary Celebration

Today marks the 25th anniversary of TechnoKids Inc. We are so lucky to have the most amazing customers and Associates. Thanks for using our instructional materials with your students. We love making them! Happy TechnoKids 25th Anniversary!

TechnoKids 25th anniversary

TechnoKids 25th anniversary

Throughout the years, TechnoKids has published hundreds of technology projects. We have written activities to help students create digital art, storybooks, slideshows, surveys, quizzes, timelines, budgets, biographies, web pages, posters, and more!

Project Based Learning is Meaningful

Since 1993, when the company was founded, project based learning has been the cornerstone of product development. Instead of teaching technology skills in isolation, each technology project integrates the use of desktop and web-based apps into learning experiences. For example, TechnoResearch blends research skills, report writing, and word processing skills to produce a fact card. TechnoDebate combines collaboration, critical thinking, and presentation skills to debate a controversial issue. While TechnoInvestor, teaches financial literacy and spreadsheet skills as part of a stock market simulation. The interdisciplinary approach engages learners.

At TechnoKids we want learning to be FUN. Every technology project has to be one that we would want to teach, and it MUST be something we would want to do if we were a kid. Whether it is a graphic story in TechnoToon or an interactive map in TechnoMap the activity must be an interesting way to learn. Plus, the product should look really impressive when it is finished.

Mastery of Technology Skills is Essential

Throughout the years, the focus has been on systematically teaching essential technology skills to prepare students for the future. Although any project can be taught in isolation, the product line is designed to scale in difficulty from Grades 1-9+. This allows schools to adopt a technology program that gradually develops word processing, presentation, spreadsheet, Internet, digital citizenship, desktop publishing, database, photo editing, animation, and programming skills. Each technology project, builds on the previous one.

For example, to develop word processing skills TechnoKids offers a range of projects that increase in difficulty. TechnoStories introduces basic word processing skills to primary students using templates. TechnoJournal targets essential text and picture formatting techniques for elementary students. TechnoNewsletter teaches a thorough understanding of word processing to middle school students. While, TechnoAdvertise is an in-depth exploration of advanced techniques designed to prepare high school students for college and the workplace.

Adapting to Change

Continually updating the product has fostered customer loyalty. In the beginning, TechnoKids published instructional resources for learning centers. When we began to create materials for schools, the activities were for Office 97 and Windows 98. At the time, the Internet was not readily available to most users. Over the years, the development team has kept pace with the ongoing change. Today, there are technology projects for Microsoft Office 2016, and the Office Online web-based apps. In addition, there are technology projects for Google Docs, which undergo constant updates to keep them current. As well, TechnoKids writes projects for Adobe including activities for the most current version of Photoshop and Animate.

TechnoKids 25th anniversary

Looking Ahead

There is always something new and exciting happening in technology. Despite all the wonderful projects we have already published, there are still many more ideas left to create. We can’t wait to make technology projects for Sway and OneNote. As well, we talk constantly about 3D modelling and how that can be done simply. In addition, we have our sights set on more programming projects.

TechnoKids 25th Anniversary Celebration

It has been a fabulous 25 years. It is thrilling to look ahead to what comes next. We appreciate your ongoing support. Let the TechnoKids 25th anniversary celebration begin!