Financial literacy lesson plans teach money management to middle school students. Using a problem solving simulation, students build a budget and a spending plan. Spreadsheet skills include organizing, calculating, and graphing data.

Why Not Use Paint?

It is simple and has been around for a long time. Microsoft Paint is an effective and surprisingly powerful tool for the classroom. There are many more capable graphic editors and drawing programs available. But Paint is free and available as it is found in every Windows Start menu in the Accessories folder. It’s also …

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Integrate Mathematics and Technology

With essential curriculum to teach in addition to computer skills, teachers have to be creative and resourceful to ‘get it all done’. Then to ensure that students are engaged and interested adds another level of challenge! TechnoBudget is a new release by TechnoKids Inc. created to meet all three objectives: Teach fundamental mathematics expectations Build …

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Think Beyond the Price Tag

Our students are avid consumers. They shop at the mall and online, and they influence family purchases. Inspire them to think beyond the price tag. The following activity encourages reflection and discussion about the impact on people and the environment created by the things we buy. Build Consumer Awareness When you are shopping, it is …

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Hook Students with TechnoBudget and Google Sheets

You have received an unexpected windfall of money. How are you going to spend it? How much will you save? This is the introductory premise for students in TechnoBudget, TechnoKids’ most recent release in the Google Apps for Education series of computer projects. Building student interest in learning spreadsheet skills may be a challenge. But …

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