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Soft skills describe a person’s work habits. They indicate how a person will approach a task, interact with others, and resolve conflicts. Learn about how TechnoKids technology projects develop students’ soft skills such as creativity, problem solving, teamwork, logical thinking, and more!

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Soft Skills for Job Readiness

I’ve been reading a lot of employment ads lately as I’ve been researching career readiness. One recurring theme is that employers are not only seeking people with job specific skills. They also require a strong set of interpersonal or professional skills such as communication, initiative, collaboration, creativity, and responsibility. These are often termed soft skills. …

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ICT in Education: Creativity and Computers

Recently, I began to teach TechnoWonderland to a class of grade 7/8 students. They love the idea of creating their own amusement park. We have just completed planning our park and now students are designing a poster using Microsoft Word. As you may have guessed, from a technology skill standpoint we are focusing on word …

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