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Color Part of a Black and White Photo using Photoshop CC

You have most likely seen photos that are displayed in black and white with only one part of it seen in color. This is very easy to do using Photoshop CC. There are many ways to achieve this effect. One easy method is to use the History Brush Tool. Try it!

  1. Open Adobe Photoshop CC.
  2. Open a photo of your choice.
  3. Create a duplicate of the photo. From the Image menu, click DUPLICATE. Click OK.
  4. colored photo

    Start with a color photo.

  5. From the Image menu, select ADJUSTMENTS. From the submenu, select DESATURATE.
  6. black and white photo

    Turn the photo into a black and white image.

  7. Click the History Brush Tool on the Tools panel.
  8. History Brush Tool

  9. Click the Brush Preset picker on the Options Bar.
  10. Select Basic Brushes from the list. Set the brush style options to 100% hardness.
  11. basic brush

    Select a Basic Brush from the list.

  12. Use the Zoom Tool to magnify the area.
  13. Use a small brush size to outline the shape.
  14. Photoshop CC History Brush Tool

    Outline the object using a small brush.

  15. Increase the brush size to fill with color.
  16. History Brush Tool

    Paint over top of the picture using the History Brush Tool.

    If you liked this activity, you can find many more Photoshop CC photo editing activities in the TechnoPhotoshop CC technology project, created by TechnoKids Inc.

New! TechnoPhotoshop Activities for Photoshop CC

TechnoKids has updated TechnoPhotoshop for the LATEST version of Photoshop CC.

TechnoKids Inc. has just released TechnoPhotoshop CC. In this technology project, students create a digital scrapbook using Photoshop CC. To start, students learn how to use a camera to take high-quality photographs. Once a library of images has been established, the program Photoshop CC is used to transform the pictures into scrapbook pages.

photoshop cc activities

Photoshop CC lesson plans with activities for middle and high school students.

Students experiment with photo editing tools to discover how to filter, warp, retouch, recolor, crop, and superimpose images. Detailed instructions make learning Photoshop CC tools easy.

There are three options for sharing the scrapbook pages. They can be assembled into a Web Gallery – this requires a free Adobe Output Module in Bridge CC, Adobe Presentation, or a Contact Sheet.

TechnoPhotoshop includes a teacher guide, workbook, and customizable resources.

Step by step instructions in the Photoshop CC lessons are ideal for middle or high school students. The lesson plans can be included as part of a media arts, yearbook, web design or photography unit or course.

An introduction to Photoshop can be fun. Photoshop lessons teach middle or high school students how to:

  • apply filter effects
  • retouch imperfections
  • adjust color
  • superimpose images
  • bend text to a path
  • style layers
  • paint and draw shapes
  • capture high-quality photos

Learn more about TechnoPhotoshop CC.

Wrap Text into a Shape Using Photoshop CC

You can easily shape text so it forms a custom shape using Photoshop CC. This is a great way to express yourself. For example, you can write a poem in the shape of a heart. Report facts in the shape of an animal. Or describe your personal interests in the shape of a star. Try it!

  1. Open a new document in Adobe Photoshop CC.
  2. Select Custom Shape Tool from the Tools panel.
  3. custom shape tool

  4. Click the Custom Shape arrow on the Options bar.
  5. options bar photoshop cc

  6. Choose a custom shape from the panel. (To select more shapes click the Custom Shape menu picker)
  7. Custom Shape Tool Photoshop CC

    Select a custom shape.

  8. Click and drag to draw a shape.
  9. Use the tools on the Options Bar to adjust the Fill and Stroke.
  10. Draw Custom Shape

    Draw a shape. Use the Options Bar tools to set the Fill and Stroke.

  11. Click the Horizontal Type Tool from the Tools panel.
  12. text tool photoshop cc

  13. Position the I-beam inside the shape. Wait until the cursor has a dotted circle around it.
  14. Photoshop CC mouse pointer

    The mouse pointer changes to an I-beam inside a circle.

  15. Type inside the shape.
  16. text into shape photoshop cc

    The smaller the font size the better the words will form to the shape.

  17. Select the text. Use the tools on the Options bar to format the font, style, size, and color. When finished,click the Commit checkmark.
  18. format text

    Use the tools on the Options bar to format the text.


  • The smaller the font size the better the words fit the shape.
  • Select the text layer. Click the Move tool. Drag the words away from the shape.
  • If you need to edit the shape, select the Shape layer. Use the tools on the Options bar to adjust the Fill and Stroke.
explore photoshop cc

Move and resize the shape or text to create an interesting image.

Other fun Photoshop CC activities can be found in TechnoPhotoshop published by TechnoKids Inc. This technology project has lessons that use Photoshop to produce a digital scrapbook.

TechnoKids has updated TechnoPhotoshop for the LATEST version of Photoshop CC.