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Frame Your Photo in Photoshop CC

Photoshop CC has several frames you can lay over top of a photo. By adjusting the layer style of the frame you can create a unique design that enhances the picture. Try it!

frames in photoshop cc

Experiment with Layer Styles to Create a Unique Frame

  1. Open a new document in Adobe Photoshop CC.
  2. Insert a photo of your choice. From the File menu, click Place Embedded. Select the picture and click Place.
  3. Position the photo on the page. Resize the photo, by clicking and dragging a corner handle.
  4. When the photo looks like way you like, click the COMMIT tool on the Options bar (it looks like a checkmark).
  5. Make a new layer. From the Layers panel, click the Create a new layer tool (it looks like a piece of paper at the bottom of the Layers panel).
  6. Double click the new Layer and rename it Frame. The Frame layer should be at the TOP. If it isn’t, drag it UP in the Layers panel.
  7. frame layer in photoshop cc

    Make a new layer. Rename it FRAME.

  8. Select the Frame layer. Click the Custom Shape Tool from the Tools panel.
  9. Custom Shape Tool Photoshop CC

  10. From the Options bar, select SHAPE, and then pick a fill color, stroke color, stroke thickness, and stroke style.
  11. Click the Custom Shape arrow on the Options bar.
  12. custom shapes in photoshop cc

    Click the Shape arrow on the Options bar.

  13. Click the Custom Shape menu picker (it looks like a gear).
  14. Select Frames from the list. If you are asked to replace the current shapes, click OK.
  15. frames in photoshop cc

    Display the Frames custom shapes.

  16. Click and drag to draw a frame over the picture. Click COMMIT when you like it. TIP: To resize or move the frame, click the Move tool from the Tools panel.
  17. Make the frame look great by adjusting the Layer Style. From the Layer menu, select Layer Style. Select Satin.
  18. Experiment with the Blend Mode, Opacity, Angle, Distance, Size, and Contour to create a unique design. To reset it back, click Reset to Default.
  19. layer style photoshop cc

    Explore the Satin Layer Style Options.

  20. Double click on any Style name on the LEFT side of the dialog box to apply even more layer styles. Here are some ideas:
  • Bevel & Emboss – Select Inner Bevel to produce a unique 3D effect. Adjust the Contour and Texture to make the frame look great!
  • Outer Glow – Select a Normal Blend Mode and change the opacity to 100%. Pick WHITE. Adjust the Spread and Size to make it look like their is matting inside the frame.

Have fun exploring the Layer Styles to make your frame unique!

layer styles

Explore the Layer Styles.

There are many ideas for using Photoshop CC in TechnoKids‘ technology project TechnoPhotoshop CC. Have fun photo-editing!

Create with Stamps in Photoshop CC

Paint interesting patterns or place stamps on the page using the Brush Tool. Photoshop has many brush styles that allow you to be creative. Assorted brushes, DP brushes, Special Effect brushes, or M brushes are just a few options that allow you to make flowers, stars, hearts, butterflies, and more! For each brush, you can adjust the size and hardness to make the paint look exactly the way you want. Try it!

stamps in photoshop cc

Make Stamps with the Brush Tool.

  1. Open a new document in Adobe Photoshop CC.
  2. Click the Brush Tool from the Tools panel.
  3. Brush Tool Photoshop CC

  4. Click the Brush Preset picker on the Options Bar. Brush options are displayed. Select the Select the Special Effect Brushes folder.
  5. Pick the Special Effects folder.

    Pick the Special Effects Brushes folder.

  6. There are many fun styles in the Special Effect Brushes. Select an option from the list.
  7. Change the Size to 100 px. Change the Hardness to 100%.
  8. Select a paint color; click the Set foreground color swatch. From the Color Picker dialog box, make a selection from the color spectrum. Click OK.
  9. Click and drag the mouse to apply brush strokes OR click only once to place stamps on the page.
  10. Stamp with the Brush Tool in Photoshop CC

    Click once to make a stamp. Click and drag to create a unique pattern.

Remove Brush Strokes using the Eraser or Rectangular Marquee Tool

  • Click the Eraser Tool from the Tools panel. Select Eraser options from the Options Bar. To erase a large area from the Mode option select Block. To erase a smaller area from the Mode option, select Brush and use the Brush Preset picker to customize the style of the eraser.
  • To erase an area, click and drag the mouse over the unwanted brush strokes.


  • Select the Rectangular Marquee Tool from the Tools panel. Click and drag around the section you do not want. Press the DELETE key on the keyboard.

Do you want more ideas for using Photoshop? TechnoPhotoshop has many fun activities ideal for middle and high school students that are new to using Photoshop CC.

Wrap Text Along a Path Using Photoshop CC

Be creative! Stop using only horizontal or vertical text. Instead, use Photoshop CC to wrap text along a custom shape. This will make it curve along the path to produce an interesting design. Try it!

  1. Open a new document in Adobe Photoshop CC.
  2. Select Custom Shape Tool from the Tools panel.
  3. Custom Shape Tool Photoshop CC

  4. Choose Path from the Options Bar. Click the Custom Shape arrow on the Options bar.
  5. option bar for custom shape tool

    Pick Path and then select a custom shape.

  6. Choose a custom shape from the panel. (To see all the custom shapes click the Custom Shape menu picker and select ALL. Click OK)
  7. photoshop cc wrap text to shape

    Select a custom shape. Pick a shape with a simple outline.

  8. Click and drag to draw a shape.
  9. wrap text on path

    Draw the shape.

  10. To add text, click the Horizontal Type Tool.
  11. From the Options bar select a font, style, size, and color of the text. Set the size to 12.
  12. Text Formatting Photoshop CC

    Format the text using tools on the Options bar.

  13. Move the mouse pointer over the edge of the shape. The pointer changes to an I-beam with a wavy line. Click on the shape border in the spot where you want to start adding text.
  14. text to path photoshop cc

    Click on the edge of the shape.

  15. Type and the text will automatically wrap around the shape.
  16. shape path

    Type and the words bend along the shape path.

Change the Direction and Position of Text

  1. Select the Path Selection Tool from the Tools panel.
  2. path selection tool

  3. Drag the mouse pointer over the text to move it along the path AWAY from the END POINT.
  4. bend text

    Drag the text along the path of the shape.

  5. Drag the mouse pointer ACROSS the path of the shape to flip the text and reverse it.
  6. change direction

    Drag across the shape border to make the text move to the inside.

Make the Text Look Great!

photoshop cc


  • Format Font: Select the Horizontal Type Tool. Click and drag to select the text. Use the tools on the Options bar to make changes.
  • Position Text: Select Path Selection Tool from the Tools Panel. Drag the START and END points to change the location of text.
  • Adjust the Size of the Shape Path: Select Move Tool from the Tools Panel. Drag a control point to increase or decrease the shape.
  • Grab the Start Point: If you are having trouble moving the text, drag the START point instead of the letters themselves.

Do you like using Photoshop CC? There are many fun and easy activities in TechnoPhotoshop. Lessons include digital worksheets for middle and high school students.

New! TechnoPhotoshop Activities for Photoshop CC

TechnoKids has updated TechnoPhotoshop for the LATEST version of Photoshop CC.

TechnoKids Inc. has just released TechnoPhotoshop CC. In this technology project, students create a digital scrapbook using Photoshop CC. To start, students learn how to use a camera to take high-quality photographs. Once a library of images has been established, the program Photoshop CC is used to transform the pictures into scrapbook pages.

photoshop cc activities

Photoshop CC lesson plans with activities for middle and high school students.

Students experiment with photo editing tools to discover how to filter, warp, retouch, recolor, crop, and superimpose images. Detailed instructions make learning Photoshop CC tools easy.

There are three options for sharing the scrapbook pages. They can be assembled into a Web Gallery – this requires a free Adobe Output Module in Bridge CC, Adobe Presentation, or a Contact Sheet.

TechnoPhotoshop includes a teacher guide, workbook, and customizable resources.

Step by step instructions in the Photoshop CC lessons are ideal for middle or high school students. The lesson plans can be included as part of a media arts, yearbook, web design or photography unit or course.

An introduction to Photoshop can be fun. Photoshop lessons teach middle or high school students how to:

  • apply filter effects
  • retouch imperfections
  • adjust color
  • superimpose images
  • bend text to a path
  • style layers
  • paint and draw shapes
  • capture high-quality photos

Learn more about TechnoPhotoshop CC.