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PDF Adobe Acrobat Reader and TechnoKids Projects

TechnoKids Teacher Guides and Student Workbooks are in PDF format. Which PDF reader will you use to view the documents? There are lots of free and paid PDF readers but you may already have Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer. If not, it’s a free download. Follow the link at the end of this blog to download the latest version of Adobe Reader.

You can use Adobe Acrobat Reader to open and read files, but it has some additional features that allow you to comment, or annotate, the PDF document. Often TechnoKids assignments ask students to fill in the blanks, write a planner, complete a quiz, or check items in a checklist. With the tools in Adobe Reader, these questions can be answered digitally, a bonus for the paperless classroom. TechnoKids even includes separate digital copies of every assignment so that students can easily complete and track their work electronically.

Watch an Adobe Acrobat Reader video.

pdf and video

Here are step-by-step instructions to use Adobe Acrobat Reader to open PDF files and use the tools to add notes or comments.

Open the File in Adobe Reader

  1. Open Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  2. From the File menu, pick Open.
  3. Go to the place where you saved the TechnoKids assignments. Choose Assignment 1 and click Open.
  4. Find a place where an answer or annotation is needed – a blank to fill in, a checklist to complete, a multiple choice review, or other question.
  5. In the pane on the right side of the window, pick Comment. A commenting toolbar appears at the top of the screen. Use the tools to draw freehand or type with the keyboard.

Draw Free Form

Use this tool to make a checkmark, circle, line, or whatever you need to draw.

  1. Select the pencil, called Draw free form. Draw Free Form
  2. Click the Color Picker and choose a color.
  3. Click Line Thickness and drag the slider to choose a width.
  4. Click and drag on the document.

Draw Free Form

Add a Text Box

This method adds a text box with an outline.

  1. Select Add text box. adobe acrobat reader
  2. Click in the document where the text box is to be placed. A box appears.
  3. Type the answer. Press the ESC key or click outside the box when finished.
  4. To adjust the placement of the text box, drag it to position.
  5. Use the Color Picker to change the border or fill color of the box.


Add Text Without a Text Box

Use this tool if you want just text with no box outline.

  1. Select Add text comment. add text comment
  2. Click in the document and begin typing.
  3. To format the words, select the text and use the Text Properties tools that appear: font, size, color, and line spacing.
  4. Press ESC or click away from the text.
  5. If necessary, move the words by dragging.


Save Your Work

  1. From the File menu, click Save As.
  2. Go to the place where you save your work. (You may want to organize your files by creating a subfolder with the name of the project.)
  3. Click Save.
  4. Close Adobe Reader.

Open and Continue Working

  1. Open Adobe Reader.
  2. Double click on the document listed in the main window, or click Open in the File menu.
  3. Click Comment in the pane on the right. Notice that there is a list of the annotations made in the last session, together with the tool used.
  4. To make changes – edit, format, or delete – click on any comment in the list to select it.
  5. Continue to fill in any answers.
  6. When finished, click Save to overwrite the previous work.

Be sure to have the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader to access the updated features. Download it here.

TechnoPresenter is a technology project animating a presentationto build public speaking skills with elementary and middle school students. Students use the digital workbook to answer questions and follow instructions. They create a slide show on a topic of their choice, add speaker notes, and then present to their peers. Read more about TechnoPresenter here.

PDF Reader for TechnoKids Files

There are lots of free and paid PDF readers and annotators out there. Finding the one that works best for you can be a challenge and of course comes down to personal preference and budget. We, at TechnoKids, have looked through and admired many, but have narrowed our top pick down to XODO PDF Reader & Annotator. It is a free option that offers many features to teachers and students.

paper with PDF reader

PDF Reader and Annotator

PDF Reader Makes Working with Digital Files Easy

  • App is available for Android, Windows, and Apple users
  • App is available online from XODO site
  • Access PDFs on Google Drive
  • Add text, notes, highlights, shapes or draw freehand using Annotation tools
  • Edit annotations with XODO or other PDF annotators such as Adobe Reader.
  • Save changes to a PDF to Google Drive
  • Print a PDF with annotations from your browser
  • Download a copy of a PDF with annotations
  • No need to sign into XODO to edit or view a PDF
  • Email or link to a PDF file (requires a free XODO account)

What this Means for TechnoKids Teachers and Students

By adding the XODO extension to your Chrome browser, installing the app on your device, or going to xodo.com, you can easily open any PDF file from Google Drive, Dropbox, or your local machine. Teachers can add their own notes and comments while students can answer questions and plan their projects using the simple text tools. Documents can then be saved back to Google Drive, downloaded, shared, or printed.

PDF Reader Instructions

View instructions explaining how to use a PDF Reader and Annotator with your students. Learn how to install the Chrome extension, add annotations, download or print files, and more.

PDF Reader and Annotator Video

Watch these videos to learn how to add the XODO Chrome extension and use it with a TechnoKids assignment:
Annotate with XODO TechnoKids Workbooks
Complete an Assignment | Connect a Chrome Extension

pdf and video

PDF Reader and Annotator Website

Find out more visit XODO.

PDF Thumbnail Maker

Recently, TechnoKids launched a new website. Our goal was to make it easier for teachers to find the technology projects suitable for their students. One exciting new feature added to the website was an advanced search tool. It allows visitors to filter projects by level, grade, subject, technology skill, and program.

Another new feature added to the website was a SAMPLES tab. It contains PDFs of excerpts from a project. This allows visitors the ability to preview assignments, sample work, and assessment tools in a window. To view each PDF file, the visitor clicks on a thumbnail.

thumbnail gallery

TechnoKids technology projects can be seen by clicking on a PDF thumbnail.

The PDF thumbnails were made using A-PDF Thumbnailer. When TechnoKids was preparing to launch our site we had to create 120 thumbnails. A-PDF Thumbnailer made the task so easy. All the PDF files were placed into a folder. We then set the width/height, border, and shadow effect. Instantly, a thumbnail for each PDF file was created. With the click of a button we had a batch of thumbnails!

The thumbnail file was the identical name as the PDF file. This made it easy to connect a link from the PDF file to the thumbnail image.

One feature we quickly came to like about A-PDF Thumbnailer was the ability to customize the page used as the thumbnail. Originally, we set Page 1 for the batch conversion. However, after reviewing the thumbnails a few of the PDFs were bland looking. In those cases, we selected a different page to show as the thumbnail. This helped to make each thumbnail colourful and interesting.

After reviewing many products, TechnoKids found that A-PDF Thumbnailer was the perfect solution to making thumbnails of PDF files. We appreciated being able to download a trial version. If you are looking to create thumbnails for a large number of PDF files or you want control over how your thumbnail appears, this software is the perfect PDF Thumbnail Maker solution.

Type Answers into any Handout using the iPad and Goodreader

Student can type their answers into any PDF file.

Student can type their answers into any PDF.

You may have some old handouts that you want your students to type answers into using the iPad.

It is easy!

You don’t need expensive software such as Adobe Acrobat to create forms that permit students to add information. Instead, all you need is a PDF file and the Goodreader app!

Goodreader is an app that allows you view PDF files and add notes, highlight text, draw shapes, and most importantly add text boxes.

The typewriter tool allows students to add a text box ANYWHERE on the page to type their answer. That means there is no work for the teacher in making elaborate forms. Any PDF file is instantly ready for students to use. The text box can be moved, deleted, or edited making it easy for your students to change their answers. After they have completed the handout they can save an annotated copy that stores their answers.

How do you take your old handouts and view them using Goodreader on the iPad?

If the handout was created using Microsoft Word, you can easily save the document as a PDF file if you have Microsoft Office. If you only have a paper copy or an older version of Microsoft Office (e.g. Office 2003), you will need to scan the handout to a PDF file format.

Once this step is complete, you need to transfer the files to your iPad. I like to use Dropbox, however you may have another app you prefer to use.

Once the file is on the iPad you need to open it up and then view it using Goodreader.

Goodreader has many settings that can be customized. I like to pin the toolbar to the side so that it stops disappearing.

Save yourself the trouble and expense of creating digital forms. The software is less than $5 and it has everything you need!

There are other PDF readers. What makes Goodreader better?

I have spent weeks viewing PDF readers. It is the best I could find. Most PDF readers would allow me to view a file, some allowed me to add notes, drawings, and highlighting. However, none had the typewriter feature that transformed any document into a useable handout for students.

Goodreader is very affordable! It is under $5. I felt that the app offered excellent value.

In addition, although you may not have secure PDF files – I do! Some PDF Readers on the iPad will permit annotations but only if the file is not SECURE. Goodreader permitted these types of changes to a SECURE pdf file.