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TechnoKids Activity Book for Kid Pix 3D

Kid Pix 3D Lesson PlansDoes your school have Kid Pix 3D software?

Are you asking, “My students love Kid Pix. But what can I do with it now?”

Good news! TechnoKids has a new collection of Kid Pix 3D teaching ideas designed for Grades 1 to 3.

Kid Pix 3D is great fun for students to play and explore. Now you can take them to the next level. Teach curriculum objectives and integrate technology skills as you provide engaging challenges for students. TechnoKids Kid Pix activities are meaningful and relevant tasks such as maps, brochures, pictographs, timelines, poems, posters, postcards, board games, slide shows, videos and more!

Combine the wow factor of Kid Pix with the curriculum outcomes students need to learn.

20 Fun, Challenging Kid Pix 3D Activities

The Kid Pix 3D Activity Booklet has 20 brand-new, creative lesson plans. Each self-contained activity has illustrated, step-by-step instructions on a two-sided card. They can be used in any order and teachers can complete one or all of them. A technology integration table defines the curriculum areas and specific outcomes achieved by each activity: language arts, social studies, science, mathematics, and creative arts. In addition, a technology skills table specifies the computer skills attained with the completion of the task.

Kid Pix 3DPick an activity based on:

Classroom theme study
Curriculum learning objectives
Technology skills
Student interest
Type of product

Included with each activity are sample files to show teachers and students possible products as well as provide inspiration.

Kid Pix Teaching Ideas

Solve a Fact Based Riddle

Kid Pix Lesson Plans

Organize a Timeline

Kid Pix Activities for Teachers

Design a Postcard

10 “How To” Workshops

Turn your primary students into Kid Pix 3D power users! The workshops teach specific tools, all of their features, and helpful tips and tricks. Illustrated instructions help students master tools in advance of using them in an activity. Or, students can complete all the workshops and become Kid Pix 3D experts.

Workshops teach how to:

  • use the drawing and painting tools and all their unique features
  • scale and flip stickers
  • make custom path animation for stickers
  • combine completed drawings to make a slide show with sound and transitions
  • create an original sticker
  • format words with the text tools and have the computer read out loud
  • share Kid Pix 3D creations: export as picture files, QuickTime movies, email, and print
  • and more!

Discover new ways to use this popular drawing and creativity tool to capture your students’ imaginations. Empower and inspire them with authentic, meaningful, and innovative tasks.

TechnoKids’ Kid Pix 3D Activity Book has just been released and can be yours right away as a digital download, with the Kid Pix Bundle, or included with the complete TechnoKids Microsoft Extra package.

Blogging Resources for Teachers

Would you like your students to become bloggers but you have concerns about student safety, the learning curve, or finding a reliable free blogging service? Worry no more!

Use a Safe Blogging Service Designed for Schools

TechnoBlog has the blogging resources you need to transform your students into responsible bloggers using the service Kidblog. Designed for schools, all blogs are private and can only be viewed by approved users. Step by step instructions guide you through setting up a class blogging account. Recommendations for how to use classroom management tools to moderate posts or comments and control student profiles are provided. In addition, TechnoKids offers free curriculum support if you have questions.

Integrate Language Arts with Technology

The blogging activities transform your students into bloggers. They engage in the stages of the writing process by planning, organizing, writing, editing, and publishing their posts. Using the first person narrative style they learn how to express insights, advice, and opinions appropriately. Sample posts, blog starters, brainstorming activities, and planning sheets are included with TechnoBlog.

Be Responsible Digital Citizens

Digital citizenship is emphasized throughout the activities. Students engage in an online blogging community responsibly and safely. Through a series of activities they learn how to be personal, but private; truthful, but not hurtful; and opinionated, yet respectful. Blogging guidelines, blogger’s pledge, commenting advice, comment starters, and digital footprint bulletin board materials are just some of the resources included with TechnoBlog.

Gradually Build Skills

TechnoBlog has lesson plans that are designed to teach your students how to blog. Your students acquire the basics with an introduction to the blogosphere and blogging terminology. Next, they complete brainstorming activities to get their creativity flowing. What follows is a sequence of creative writing activities that help your students gradually develop the skillset to blog and comment responsibly. Assessment tools such as checklists, blogging rubric, and commenting rubrics help teachers evaluate learning.

Meaningful Creative Writing Activities

Christa Love, author of TechnoBlog, piloted this project with 80 grade 7 and 8 students. Students wrote a series of posts related to a topic of their choice as part of a creative writing unit. She comments on the experience:

“The transformation in behavior and quality of work was fascinating. Students quickly realized they were writing for an audience of peers. However, they adjusted slowly to the realization they were experts and had valuable knowledge to share that others did not know. Seeing them become producers of knowledge, instead of just consumers was rewarding. Over time, the quality of writing and comments became better as they learned how to express themselves appropriately using social media.”