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Integrate Technology into a Spanish Immersion Classroom

Do you want to integrate technology into a Spanish immersion classroom? Is your instruction primarily in Spanish? TechnoKids has published the Spanish Bundle for Google Apps, a collection of three technology projects. Each project includes a teacher guide, student worksheets, and resources in Spanish. The Spanish immersion instructional materials are for middle and high school language learning programs.

Teach 21st Century Skills in a Spanish Immersion Classroom

Technology can help language learners. It can teach vocabulary through apps that use games to engage students. Recording devices allow students to practice pronunciation. As well, online sources can display in Spanish to improve reading skills. These are excellent ways to develop fluency.

However, technology has a prominent role when Spanish language proficiency is the goal. A multi-dimensional approach infuses digital literacy into all subject areas. Students use computing devices to conduct research, organize information, present findings, create publications, analyze data, develop solutions, and more!

Finding suitable materials for a Spanish immersion program can be a challenge. Teachers can waste time in an ongoing search for teaching resources that will engage students. Although, preparing your own materials is a solution, this too can be time consuming. Often creating the resources takes more time, than completing the activities.

The Spanish Bundle for Google Apps by TechnoKids Inc. offers a solution. The interdisciplinary lessons in Spanish integrate technology into curriculum to include 21st Century skills. The TechnoKids’ Spanish Bundle for Google Apps uses a project based approach to learning.

Each technology project actively involves students in the learning process. In TechnoToon, instructions explain how to create a digital story using Google Slides. This project develops presentation and storytelling skills. In TechnoResearch, learners publish a fact card in Google Docs. These lessons teach research and word processing skills. In TechnoCandy, students analyze data in Google Sheets. They recommend a business plan to boost candy sales. This activity fosters critical thinking and spreadsheet skills.

How to Use the Spanish Instructional Materials

Students with proficient multilingual and technology skills will thrive in the future. The Spanish Bundle for Google Apps has many resources to support success. They include lesson plans for Spanish teachers, Spanish worksheets and handouts for students, and Spanish language activities. Each technology project contains:

  • Teacher Guide: The teacher guide is in Spanish. It contains a curriculum plan, instructional strategies, activities, and assessment procedures. Use it to organize your lessons.
  • Student Workbook: The student workbook is in Spanish. It has step by step instructions that students follow to complete a project. Two versions of the workbook are available. The workbook is a PDF book for easy printing. In addition, the workbook is digital worksheets for paperless classrooms. Use this helpful resource to have students practice their reading comprehension and work independently.
  • Resources: The resources are in Spanish. Resources include assessment tools, samples, and templates. Assessment tools outline learning expectations. The samples are a model of a completed project and are a source of inspiration. The templates provide a framework for learning.
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Resources for Spanish Immersion Classrooms

Prepare Students for the Future

Being proficient in Spanish is an advantage. It is spoken by 440 million people. Spanish is the third most spoken language in the world and is the official language in 21 countries. Spanish immersion classrooms prepare students for advanced language tracks and unique careers. Integrating technology into Spanish immersion classrooms creates meaningful learning experiences.