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Launch a Business Venture with Your Students

TechnoRestaurateur Computer Project

Are you a teacher using Google Apps? Are you looking for an engaging and authentic computer project to inspire your students? Just this week, TechnoKids announced the most recent technology project designed for Google Apps for Education: TechnoRestaurateur, a unique integrated project that uses Google Sheets, Google Docs, and Google Drawings.

In this project, middle and high school students launch a new restaurant concept, create professional documents, and build practical, real-world spreadsheet skills to analyze the success of their business.

TechnoRestaurateur Computer Project

Applying critical and creative thinking skills, students begin by conducting a survey of their peers. They organize the data in Google Sheets, create a pie graph, and use the results to make decisions about the restaurant. Then they use Google Drawings to create a company logo.

The next step is to write a professional letter with Google Docs in order to raise seed money.

TechnoRestaurateur Professional Letter

With the funding secured, students design a floor plan.

Restaurant Floor Plan

Build graphic skills using Google Drawings to design a restaurant floor plan.

Once the restaurant has opened and operated successfully, financial earnings are analyzed. Using Google Sheets, students organize monthly profits and analyze their earnings to develop a business strategy. They calculate and graph quarterly and average earnings and learn how to interpret a trend line to predict future profits. Finally, the business is advertised using a newsletter to potential investors as a franchise opportunity. The newsletter includes the restaurant logo, floor plan, and earnings graph to support the promotional text.


Checklists in the workbook build organizational skills and help students to ensure that they have completed all parts of the assignments.

For teachers, TechnoRestaurateur includes editable marking sheets and a skill summary checklist.

The TechnoRestaurateur computer project also has optional enrichment extension activities:

  • Use Functions to Analyze Earnings – Experiment with additional spreadsheet functions to analyze restaurant financial data.
  • Share Your Files with Investors – Create hyperlinks that link to other documents and then share the newsletter with potential investors.
  • Use Google Slides to Advertise a Deal – Design an animated electronic bulletin board to display special offers or upcoming events in the restaurant.
  • Use Google Forms to Rate Opinion – Build a survey about the restaurant. Have peers rate the food, service, menu items, entertainment, or an idea of your choice. Design a rating scale, have peers complete the survey electronically, and then analyze the summary of responses.

Read more about TechnoRestaurateur, view learning objectives, and see sample teacher guide excerpts and completed sample projects at Technokids.com.

Spreadsheets for Beginners

Spreadsheets for Beginners

Teach spreadsheets to junior students

When kids enjoy math and are engaged, they learn skills more effectively. Finding a project where students are both having fun and building proficiency in mathematics is a bonus. The newest release by TechnoKids Inc., TechnoCandy, fits the bill perfectly! In this technology project, elementary and middle school students acquire math skills as they learn about spreadsheets.

Learning through Problem Solving
In TechnoCandy, students develop a plan to boost candy sales. They investigate a problem by conducting a survey and researching candy packaging. A spreadsheet is used to organize, calculate, and graph data. Based on the evidence, students recommend a solution in a written report.
The practical, real world nature of the problem appeals to children. When they understand the connection between math skills and their applications, mathematics becomes interesting and relevant. Helping a candy company to improve their marketing strategies is sure to be an appealing challenge.

Templates Simplify Learning
The problem solving activities in TechnoCandy make use of templates. In this way, students spend no time setting up spreadsheets, but rather focus on interpreting data and devising a solution.

Use Google Sheets, Google Docs, Google Slides, AND Google Forms!
The TechnoCandy technology project, with its many optional activities, builds skills using many Google Apps tools. Students create pie and line graphs using Google Sheets, write a solution using Google Docs, design a candy package using Google Slides, and conduct a survey using Google Forms.

Enrichment Activities Extend Learning with Spreadsheets for Beginners
Challenging extension activities included in TechnoCandy make learning spreadsheets fun. Activities for a range of levels, from junior through middle school, include:

  • Play spreadsheet Bingo
  • Draw spreadsheet pictures
  • Explore addition formulas
  • Investigate pie and line graphs
  • Develop advanced graphing skills

Spreadsheets for Beginners

Hook Students with TechnoBudget and Google Sheets

Money Management and TechnoBudget

Go on a shopping spree with TechnoBudget

You have received an unexpected windfall of money. How are you going to spend it? How much will you save? This is the introductory premise for students in TechnoBudget, TechnoKids’ most recent release in the Google Apps for Education series of computer projects.

Building student interest in learning spreadsheet skills may be a challenge. But using a fun, meaningful, and appealing scenario will engage students and give context to their learning. If students find a task personally relevant, they are much more likely to feel motivated, become emotionally invested, and understand the value of the skills they are learning.

In TechnoBudget, students draft a budget, develop a spending plan, go on an online shopping spree, and then justify their financial choices using Google Sheets and Docs.

The project begins with students rating their personal money management style. They find out if they are spenders or savers. Next they receive a fictional windfall. They must create a budget worksheet in Google Sheets within specific requirements for spending categories and saving. Making a pie graph of their decisions allows them to easily edit the amounts.

A spending plan worksheet is then created to keep track of purchases, taxes, category subtotals, and overspending. Spreadsheet skills introduced in TechnoBudget include:

  • use Auto Fill
  • format font, fill cells with color, and apply borderlines
  • merge cells
  • apply conditional formatting
  • copy formatting using Paint Format
  • produce and format a pie and column or bar graph
  • sum data using AutoSum
  • use formulas and functions

The project concludes with a financial report. Students use Google Docs to justify their decision making. Guiding questions help students explain their choices and share their insights about money management. They include the graphs they have made to support their decisions.

In addition, TechnoBudget includes a variety of optional, enrichment activities to extend learning about spreadsheets and about financial literacy:

  1. Comparison shopping
  2. Use functions to analyze data
  3. Filter and sort
  4. Calculate with if-then formulas
  5. Explore debt repayment
  6. Develop consumer awareness
  7. Draw money idioms

TechnoBudget includes a teacher guide, digital student worksheets, sample workbooks and budget reports, checklist, and marking sheets.