financial literacy

Financial literacy is an understanding of money management including personal finance, investing, and budgeting. Curriculum resources including financial literacy curriculum units that integrate the use of Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets into learning.

Integrate Mathematics and Technology

With essential curriculum to teach in addition to computer skills, teachers have to be creative and resourceful to ‘get it all done’. Then to ensure that students are engaged and interested adds another level of challenge! TechnoBudget is a new release by TechnoKids Inc. created to meet all three objectives: Teach fundamental mathematics expectations Build …

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Think Beyond the Price Tag

Our students are avid consumers. They shop at the mall and online, and they influence family purchases. Inspire them to think beyond the price tag. The following activity encourages reflection and discussion about the impact on people and the environment created by the things we buy. Build Consumer Awareness When you are shopping, it is …

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Launch a Business Venture with Your Students

Are you a teacher using Google Apps or Microsoft Office? Are you looking for an engaging and authentic computer project to inspire your students? Just this week, TechnoKids announced the most recent technology project designed for Google Apps for Education and Microsoft Office: TechnoRestaurateur, a unique integrated project that uses Google Sheets, Google Docs, and …

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Spreadsheets for Beginners

When kids enjoy math and are engaged, they learn skills more effectively. Finding a project where students are both having fun and building proficiency in mathematics is a bonus. The newest release by TechnoKids Inc., TechnoCandy, fits the bill perfectly! In this technology project, elementary and middle school students acquire math skills as they learn …

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