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What Is An Infographic?

What is an infographic? An infographic is a big picture that summarizes a topic. It is a one-page publication that presents information in a graphic way. Simple icons, symbols, maps, and charts combine to explain the data. Text is only used as labels or to briefly describe facts. The viewer explores the content by studying each section of cartoon-like images.

what is an infographic?
What is an infographic? An infographic is a one-page publication that presents information in a graphic way using simple images and text.

Why Use an Infographic?

An infographic is a simple but powerful way to communicate. There are many reasons to use it:

  • catches the interest of the viewer
  • outlines many facts in a compact space
  • conveys data quickly using images
  • informs without lots of written information
  • engages the viewer to think about the topic, because they must explore each part
  • makes a complex issue easy to understand

How Can Students Make an Infographic?

Now that the question “what is an infographic?” and “why use an infographic?” have been answered, the next question is “how can my students make one to demonstrate learning?” Older students with strong graphic design skills can use professional software such as Adobe Illustrator. Unfortunately, not all schools have access to this software, as it is expensive.

Another option for creating an infographic is to apply the drawing and image tools in Microsoft Word. This does limit the design to a standard-sized piece of paper. Although this is a suitable solution for students who are proficient users of Microsoft Office, beginners or younger learners may struggle with arranging their content.

A third choice for designing an infographic is to use Google Sites. Google Sites is a web creation tool that is typically used to build websites. However, the ability to add sections, combine simple images with text, rearrange the layout, and have an infinite page length make it ideal for students who lack strong graphic design or word processing skills. Please note, this option does require students to have Google Drive accounts. Moreover, if your students have school accounts, they must be granted permission to use Google Sites.

View an Interactive Infographic Designed Using Google Sites

how to make an infographic
Discover how to make an infographic using the lessons in TechnoEarth.

How Can Students Design an Infographic using Google Sites?

Are you interested in designing an interactive infographic using Google Sites? In the TechnoKids project TechnoEarth, students play the role of environmental stewards. They select a real world problem and are guided in the research and design of an engaging infographic.

Google Sites, Slides, Docs, and Drawings are combined to build the document. Simple, compelling graphics and brief, captivating text spark interest. To make it especially appealing, the project is interactive. The viewer can browse a rotating slide deck, explore a map, and click through an image carousel. The web-based infographic is a powerful way to communicate an important issue, promote public awareness, and inspire action.

TechnoEarth shows students how to use Google Sites to design an interactive infographic.
Integrate TechnoEarth into a geography, science, or digital literacy class.

Think Beyond the Price Tag

Consider the environment when shoppingOur students are avid consumers. They shop at the mall and online, and they influence family purchases. Inspire them to think beyond the price tag. The following activity encourages reflection and discussion about the impact on people and the environment created by the things we buy.

Build Consumer Awareness

When you are shopping, it is a good idea to purchase items from companies that are interested in more than just making money. Instead, support businesses that behave ethically and responsibly. Do they support workers, protect the environment, help communities, and make the world a better place?

Consider an item that you would like to purchase. Visit the company website that manufactures or sells the product. Look for links that will tell you about corporate responsibility, sustainability, or community involvement. If you cannot find anything on the website, it may be that these issues are unimportant to the company.

Research Tips:

  • Look at the bottom of the company Home page.
  • Refer to the Site Map.
  • Search for keywords: About, Company, Environment, Sustainability, or Community.

Name of Company:

Check off each statement that applies to the company:

☐ Power facilities using renewable or clean energy.
☐ Conserve resources such as water or power.
☐ Use eco-friendly materials.
☐ Reduce waste with a recycling program.
☐ Package or ship products so they minimize environmental impact.
☐ Use suppliers that are environmentally and socially responsible.
☐ Care about worker’s health and safety.
☐ Support global or community organizations.
☐ Sponsor or participate in fundraising or charity events.
☐ Promote education with training, internships, scholarships, or school programs.

Add the checkmarks. Should you spend your money with the company or shop elsewhere?

Buy it Now! 7 checkmarks or more
The company cares about more than profits. They help people and the environment.
Go ahead! Make a purchase.

Shop Around! 4-6 checkmarks
The company is making efforts to help people and the environment. However, they could do more. Is there another company that makes or sells the product that you could support instead?

Keep your Cash! 3 checkmarks or less
The company cares about profits. People and the environment are a low priority. Do not spend your money. Shop somewhere else!

Money Management and TechnoBudget

This activity is from TechnoBudget, a TechnoKids computer project to teach money management skills to middle and high school students using Google Sheets and Docs or Microsoft Office.