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Integrate the Tomorrow Project into Curriculum

The Tomorrow Project is an initiative by Intel, that encourages people to imagine the role of technology in the future and the effect it has on their lives, through a series of FREE online videos and short science fiction stories. (Note: Some stories may not be appropriate for your students. Read them first!) When I first heard about The Tomorrow Project I was so thrilled. I could immediately see the potential of this initiative. I want you to see it too! For this reason, I plan to write a series of articles about how The Tomorrow Project can be integrated into curriculum.

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The Tomorrow Project

Integrate the FREE resources from The Tomorrow Project into curriculum.

You Can Fit the Tomorrow Project into your Existing Schedule

I know you are busy, that there is too much content to teach, and computer lab time is limited. However, you CAN fit The Tomorrow Project into your schedule. It is important that your students become responsible digital citizens and one way to do that is to encourage them to imagine the possibilities of the future. Besides, digital citizenship is a NETS requirement so you likely have to address it anyway within your curriculum. Why not make it fun and relevant?

There are times throughout the school year, where you could include an activity designed around The Tomorrow Project, such as a group discussion, written reflection, debate, creative writing assignment, or report. For example:

  • Schedule a Few Classes Between Units: Often when you finish one unit, you need a bit of time before you start the next one. Instead of just giving students “free time”, schedule activities related to The Tomorrow Project.
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Six Teaching Ideas for Integrating the Tomorrow Project into Curriculum

How can teachers use Intel’s The Tomorrow Project to motivate students? Have your students either watch a video or read a science fiction short story from The Tomorrow Project. Afterwards, lead a classroom discussion to spark students’ interest and imaginations, and then assign a task based on the ideas produced.

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Emerging Technology

Inspire your students to consider how emerging technologies will improve life in the future.

The assignment can take the form of a written reflection, short story, blog or diary entry, debate, report, script, screenplay, advertisement, movie, or presentation. If you want to have students learn more about emerging technologies they can follow the hyperlinks at the end of each story, watch videos on the Intel YouTube Channel or visit the MIT Technology Review website. Below are some teaching ideas you can use to frame the discussion or focus an assignment:

  1. Provide Scenarios: Provide students with situations to inspire them to reflect on the future and consider how technology can improve our lives.
    • You have traveled 20 years into the future in a time machine. Describe a new technology you encounter. How have people benefited from this invention?
    • Select a gadget you use every day, such as a cell phone, music player, video game device, computer, or television. What do you wish that it could do? Imagine how your life will change when the technology is invented that will make your dream a reality.
    • Transportation in the future will likely be highly computerized. Describe how you will get around in the future based on emerging technologies.
    • You are a futuristic teenager. What items do you have in your room based on emerging technologies? How do they shape how you communicate, have fun, complete school work, or do other activities?

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The Tomorrow Project and Video Conversations about the Future

The Tomorrow Project videos interview artists, researchers, and scientists.

Inspire your students to envision the future using videos from The Tomorrow Project

Students today are surrounded by multimedia. It makes sense to use modern technology at school to make learning relevant. The Tomorrow Project offers teachers FREE resources that will connect with students in a meaningful way. The Tomorrow Project is an initiative from Intel that encourages people to imagine the future and the implications the role technology will play in our daily lives and the planet. Part of the project includes a collection of videos that will inspire your students to think critically about emerging and futuristic technology.

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The Tomorrow Project Anthology and your Students

Leaning Book

The Tomorrow Project Anthology has 4 science fiction short stories.

Your students have the power to shape the future. Inspire them to envision this future using The Tomorrow Project Anthology of short stories. The Tomorrow Project is an initiative by Intel that encourages people to imagine the role of technology in the future. As a computer teacher, you can use the anthology to encourage your students to consider the effect of current, emerging, and future technologies on their daily lives.

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What is The Tomorrow Project Anthology?

The Tomorrow Project Anthology is a collection of four short stories written by popular science fiction writers. Each story is about people in the future. Often science fiction writing portrays a frightening or negative view of the future. The Tomorrow Project encourages a positive vision of the future as it portrays how futuristic technologies can influence daily life in a constructive, optimistic way. Emerging technologies are interwoven throughout the story events. At the end of each story are hyperlinks to videos or information about the emerging technologies introduced.

(Note: Some stories may not be appropriate for your students. Read them first!)

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