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Make a Digital Footprint Bulletin Board

Do you need materials to create a bulletin board in your computer lab or classroom about digital citizenship? To help your students take responsibility for their actions and encourage them to think before they act, TechnoKids created a set of digital footprints. Each print has the name of a use of technology, such as blog, comment, tweet, status, like, photo, video, and more! There are even blank footprints if you want to make your own. This activity is from the project TechnoBlog.

Download Digital Footprint Bulletin Board Materials >>

digital footprints

Create a Digital Footprint Bulletin Board

What is a digital citizen?

A digital citizen is a person that uses computing devices to access technology services. Often access requires an account or profile. This profile becomes a web-based or digital version of the person. Consider it a digital me.

What is digital citizenship?

Digital citizenship is responsible behaviour while using technology. To be a good citizen, you must behave appropriately and follow the rules.

What is a digital footprint?

People are not invisible when using computing devices. A digital me makes digital footprints. A digital footprint is the track left behind while using technology. It can be in the form of an instant message, photo, video, blog post, comment, status update, tweet, bookmark, or even search history.

digital footprint

A digital footprint is the track left behind while using technology.

Think of a digital footprint as being cast in concrete instead of sand. Each footprint can be saved for a very long time. Since, technology is often used for a web-based task, often the digital footprints created are available to the public. Anyone from anywhere, can trace digital footprints to learn about a person. This means you and your students need to be responsible when you using technology, because almost everything you do is recorded and can be viewed publically.

Think before you send or post!

Avoid regret. Think before you send or post.

Download Digital Footprint Bulletin Board Materials >>

Bulletin Board Ideas using FREE Software

Bulletin Board Ideas

Decorate a bulletin board easily!

I love to make bulletin boards. I am always looking for new ways to showcase student work. Recently, I stumbled across PosteRazor, which is FREE software that transforms any image into poster size. It is a great tool you can use to enlarge student work to make it stand out. It also offers a super way to create a decorative image that makes your display even more eye-catching.

How does it work?

PosteRazor divides the image into sections in a grid pattern. The sections are paper sized. Each piece of paper has an enlarged version of part of the image. The software then converts the new file to PDF format. You then open the file using Adobe Reader and print it. Afterwards, you trim the edges and glue or tape each piece of paper together to form ONE LARGE IMAGE!

Watch the video to see how easy it is to use!

You can download PosteRazor FREE from http://posterazor.sourceforge.net. Once you have the software installed you will be surprised about how EASY it is to use. You just follow the five steps:

  1. Select your image.
  2. Select your paper size and the orientation (portrait or landscape).
  3. Review the overlap size, which is the area of the page you will use to glue or tape the pages together.
  4. Select the number of pages that the image should span. The program will then divide the image into sections.
  5. Save the poster as a PDF file. Print the PDF file and assemble it together to form a fantastic image for your bulletin board.