Make a Lightroom Web Photo Gallery

Did you notice that Adobe Bridge can no longer create a web photo gallery? No problem. You can make a Lightroom web photo gallery instead. A web photo gallery is a website made from HTML files that displays a series of images using hyperlinks. The home page shows thumbnail images of all scrapbook pages in a grid. When a thumbnail is clicked, a full-size image appears in a frame. A web photo gallery is a creative way to view Photoshop documents. In the past, a web photo gallery option could be made using Adobe Bridge. However, since the recent Adobe update this is no longer available. However, you can use Adobe Lightroom Classic to create a web photo gallery instead. Lightroom Classic is a photo organizer with editing features.

 Lightroom Web Photo Gallery

Lightroom Classic Web Photo Gallery

Prepare to Import Files into Lightroom Classic

Before importing your Photoshop documents into the Lightroom Classic Library, export each file as a PNG with a unique filename. This will keep the original pages intact, and will help to avoid issues that can occur during import. Place the files into a Student Name Gallery folder to stay organized.

  1. Use your skills to create a new folder in your student folder. Label it Student Name Gallery.
  2. Export each Photoshop document as a PNG into the Student Name Gallery folder.
  3. When finished, close Photoshop CC.

Import Files into Lightroom Classic Library

You need to add the folder to the Lightroom Classic Library. This will import the photos into the program. You can then use Lightroom Classic to create the web photo gallery.

  1. Open Lightroom Classic CC.
  2. In the left pane, in the Folders area, select the Add button. Select Add Folder.
  3. Select the Student Name Gallery folder. Click Select Folder.
  4. The files in the folder should be selected. From the top bar, select Add.
  5. Import Files into Lightroom Classic Library

    Import Files into Lightroom Classic Library

  6. Click Import.

Create a Lightroom Web Photo Gallery

The web photo gallery in Lightroom Classic is similar to the version that used to be available in Adobe Bridge. The output will look and function the same.

  1. Select Web from the bar along the top.
  2. Select the Classic Gallery layout style.
  3. Click Preview in Browser to see what the template will look like.
  4.  Lightroom Classic Web Photo Gallery

    Lightroom Web Photo Gallery

  5. Close the browser tab to return to Lightroom.
  6. In the Site Info area, type in a site title, collection title, collection description, contact name, and web or mail link.

Export the Web Photo Gallery as an HTML File

  1. At the bottom right corner, click Export.
  2. Go to the location where you placed your student files.
  3. Type Web in the File name box.
  4. Click Save.
  5. Close Lightroom.

View the Web Photo Gallery

  1. Go to the location where you saved the Web folder. Open it.
  2. Double click the index.html file to open the photo gallery in a web browser.
  3. view file

    Double click the index.html file.

  4. Click a thumbnail to see a full-size image.
  5. Click Previous or Next to view each scrapbook page.
  6. When you are finished, close the web browser tab.

Looking for More Photo Editing Ideas?

TechnoKids has updated TechnoPhotoshop to work with the latest version of Adobe Photoshop CC. Filter, retouch, and superimpose images. Discover how easy it can be to use professional photo editing tools to create unique images.

Photo Editing Activities

Photo Editing Activities

Entrepreneurship Activities – TechnoEntrepreneur

Michalitsa’s Top TechnoKids Pick

Hello from Greece! This month’s TechnoKids top pick is from Michalitsa Papasotiriou. Michalitsa’s favorite technology project is TechnoEntrepreneur. In TechnoEntrepreneur, middle school students launch a restaurant venture. While learning about entrepreneurship, they develop their business concept, raise seed money, track earnings, and promote the opportunity to others.

NOTE: This title was recently replaced with TechnoRestaurateur. The activities are similar. There are project versions for Google Docs, Microsoft Office, or Office Online.

What makes TechnoEntrepreneur, Michalitsa’s favorite project is that the activities help kids to develop business skills from a young age which prepares them for real-life. She also likes that the project integrates the use of Microsoft Office into learning. The tasks, give students the opportunity to learn about Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. Michalitsa states, “Besides the valuable technology skills that students acquire, they learn financial literacy and how to have better critical thinking.”

When asked to choose the activity she likes the most in TechnoEntrepreneur, Michalitsa picked the design of the restaurant floor plan. She says, “My favorite part is when students have to undertake the role of an architect and create the floor plan of their restaurant. That’s the time where the real fun begins. The students put all their creativity together and choose the colors and the textures of their restaurant. That gives them a true and authentic experience. They feel like they are going to open an actual restaurant!”

financial literacy, entrepreneurship, TechnoEntrepreneur

TechnoEntrepreneur sample floor plan

TechnoKids Greece is Making a Difference

TechnoKids Greece has been part of the TechnoKids team since 1997. For more than twenty years they have been teaching essential 21st Century skills to students throughout Greece. Michalitsa Papasotiriou is the Head of Educational Projects at TechnoKids Greece. She oversees all academic material and teaching support.

Since a young age, Michalitsa has demonstrated her passion for computer sciences. She joined TechnoKids Greece as a teenage student. Later she became an instructor herself. With multiple awards of expertise from Microsoft Office and a decade of experience in the computer academics, Michalitsa has been a valuable member of our Greek TechnoKids headquarters since 2010.

Thanks Michalitsa for your top pick! It is one of our favorites too!

Teach Entrepreneurship with TechnoEntrepreneur

Check out Michalitsa’s top pick! TechnoEntrepreneur, is an engaging project that makes real world connections. Discover what makes it Michalitsa’s favorite TechnoKids project.

TechnoKids publishes a wide selection of computer lessons for kids. Other Microsoft Excel titles that emphasize financial literacy include TechnoCandy or TechnoBudget.

TechnoKids Partners with InfinityKids Honduras

TechnoKids Inc. is pleased to partner with InfinityKids Innovation Honduras. InfinityKids provides a multi-curriculum program based on the STEM methodology. It is a group of companies focused on the development of technology skills in education. Their mission is to provide students with the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics skills they will need to face tomorrow’s problems.

Sandra Maldonado, CEO of TechnoKids Guatemala, states “We are very happy with the addition of InfinityKids to the TechnoKids family. We believe that education and technology are the basis for progress and the countries of the Central American region need to have our population prepared to compete in a globalized world. InfinityKids will be helping to prepare the next generations to be competitive in a global environment.”


TechnoKids technology projects were the ideal fit for InfinityKids. Both companies value a project-based approach to learning. In addition, the TechnoKids instructional materials work well with InfinityKids’ electronic platform and interactive classes.

Anael Edgardo Mejía Aguilar, from InfinityKids Partner Club spoke about the addition of TechnoKids to their curriculum, “We are more than grateful to be able to count on an innovative and creative methodology such as TechnoKids, allowing us to change the education of the Honduran student.”

The team at TechnoKids Inc. is delighted to have the opportunity to work alongside Sandra and InfinityKids in teaching the skills of tomorrow… today!

To learn more about InfinityKids contact their office:

Top 5 TechnoKids Blog Articles of 2017

This year marks TechnoKids 25th anniversary. TechnoKids has been publishing technology projects and writing about technology education since 1993. In 2011, we published our first TechnoKids blog article, Six Benefits to Project Based Learning and Technology Integration. Since that time, we have written hundreds of blog articles. The posts connect teachers to helpful online resources, provide how-to instructions, review apps or web-based services, and express our opinion about technology integration. Thanks for reading!

TechnoKids Blog Articles – Technology Integration Ideas

Despite writing many new articles in 2017, many posts from several years ago remain reader’s favorites. In case you missed them, here are our top 5 blog posts shared and read by readers in 2017:

Wrap Text into a Shape using Photoshop CC

TechnoKids Blog  text into shape photoshop cc

Detailed instructions explain how to use Photoshop CC to wrap text into a shape. The blog post includes helpful tips with illustrations. This is a great article to bookmark if you are teaching a Photoshop unit.

Create WordArt Online

TechnoKids Blog  online wordart maker

An article that highlights one of our favorite online WordArt sites: CoolText. If you haven’t used this site before check it out! Your students will have lots of fun creating amazing titles and original text for their documents, presentations, and publications.

Color Part of a Black and White Photo using Photoshop CC

TechnoKids Blog History Brush Tool

Step by step instructions explain how to use the History Brush Tool to color part of a grayscale image. In only a few steps your students can create original artwork using Photoshop CC. Read this post if you like easy photo editing lessons.

Custom Bullets in Google Docs

TechnoKids Blog  custom bullets

In 2016, TechnoKids wrote a blog article about how to customize bullets in Google Docs. We explain how to create eye-catching lists with fun-looking bullets or professional headings that stand out with special characters. Since we published that post, Google has continued to improve the gallery of options. Your students will love the emojis!

Survey Questionnaire Ideas for Students using Google Forms

TechnoKids Blog  research question, google forms

So happy that readers love Google Forms and data analysis as much as we do! Our article about generating a meaningful research question for a survey has remained popular for years. People each day read this post. If you haven’t tried it yet, we recommend using Google Forms to collect and analyze data with your students. Designing a questionnaire and interpreting the results makes learning relevant.

Our bloggers like sharing helpful tips and resources. We appreciate that you take the time to read our blog posts. Thanks!