TechnoKids at BETT ExCel London 2022

bett and technokids

TechnoKids is going to be at Bett ExCel London. It is the world’s largest education show. We hope to see you there!

Unquestionably, your safety is a top priority for exhibitors. You can expect the highest protocols to be in place. We are all working together to make sure you have a great time.

Did you know? BETT ExCel London is the ideal place to discover current products, trends, and resources. Not only does this showcase have more than 800 education technology companies exhibiting, but also there is a global presence. Exhibitors are from over 146 countries. TechnoKids is a Canadian company and we are happy to jump across the pond for a visit!

As you are aware, schools worldwide have experienced interruptions to routines. Over the past year, you may have noticed the need for new digital solutions, additional technology tools, or teaching resources. TechnoKids has instructional materials that are ideal for both in-classroom and remote learning. If you want to integrate digital literacy into curriculum, we have the product for you.

Without a doubt, be sure to check out our BETT TechnoKids profile. Then make plans to come and visit us on the show floor. We love to talk about digital citizenship, integrated technology, and STEM.

TechnoKids has over 30 technology projects for your students. For example, are you interested in programming? If yes, take a look at TechnoHTML, TechnoCode, and TechnoPython. Or, are you looking for integrated technology projects for Google? TechnoEarth might be just what you need. Plus, we also have fun activities for younger children.

Get ready! January 2022 is soon. You don’t want to miss out on Bett ExCel London.


On the whole, BETT ExCel London themes for 2022 reflect the changing needs of education. They prioritize staying tuned in to state-of-the-art technologies. The conference themes are:

  • Leadership: develop future-proof digital strategies
  • Inclusion: address equity and equality
  • Skills: align technology skills with business in a post-covid word
  • Wellbeing: devise solutions to the effects of remote learning

The good news is that TechnoKids’ technology projects align closely with the BETT ExCel London themes. Our instructional materials:

  • focus on building skills for careers of the future
  • provide opportunity for individual creativity and areas of personal interest
  • introduce essential digital literacy and programming skills in way that is fun for kids
  • integrate easily into curriculum whether teaching in-person or remotely


In anticipation of the event, Bett highlights seminars throughout the year. These workshops may be of interest. Many of them are online and free. Check the Bett Recommends education calendar. It has listings of webinars, podcasts, blogs, and more.

TechnoKids has been a creator of innovative technology projects since 1993. We look forward to sharing our technology projects. See you soon!

Christa Love

Christa Love, Curriculum Developer & Teacher ~ I am passionate about blending technology into curriculum. Whether it is programming, video production, graphic design, or digital citizenship, I am interested in how apps and tools can be used to enhance learning. Throughout the years I have designed many TechnoKids technology projects. My favorite part of curriculum development is field-testing the ideas to determine the activities that work best in real classrooms. I write about what I have learned that can save teachers time in their own curriculum planning.

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