TechnoKids 2010 Packet Scheduled for Release August 20 2010

TechnoKids Inc. is scheduled to release a TechnoKids packet that contains over 30 technology projects for Office 2010. TechnoKids Inc. will have an Office 2010 packet ready by August 20, 2010. It will include 12 primary projects, 10 junior projects, and 9 intermediate projects. The price of the packet is available from the TechnoKids Online Store.

UPDATE 3/14/2018: TechnoKids continues to develop technology projects for the latest version of Microsoft Office. To find a TechnoKids project right for your students view the Project Matrix or visit the TechnoKids website.

Originally the plan was to hold the product release until the Fall when the entire product line would be updated for Office 2010. However, many schools start classes in August and require the curriculum a bit earlier. For this reason, TechnoKids Inc. is staggering the release of the 2010 product line to help teachers get the instructional materials they need faster. Vice President Christa Love describes the early release date: “Schools are installing the latest Microsoft Office version over the summer onto the school’s computers. When the teachers return to the classroom they need to have curriculum that matches the installed software. We decided it was essential that when teachers return from summer vacation they are prepared for their computer classes.”

For this reason, the release of TechnoKids Computer Curriculum will be staggered. The initial release will occur in August. Later, additional sets of technology projects will be included with the package, and the price will be adjusted to reflect the inclusion of more Office 2010 technology projects. At the end of September the camp set will be added to the Office 2010 package and shortly thereafter, in October the teacher set will be added to the Office 2010 package. Customers who already purchased the Office 2010 packet will be able to upgrade their purchase to include the new Office 2010 technology projects once they are released.

Teachers can email to learn more about TechnoKids Computer Curriculum.