Students in Lebanon Prepare for the Future with TechnoKids

TechnoKids in LebanonTechnoKids Computer Curriculum is now being used by students in Lebanon to develop their business and technical skills through project based learning. TechnoFuture Lebanon is offering camps, workshops, and computer courses in affiliation with local schools and universities. Since the company began operations at the beginning of the year, students have been enrolling in their classes to experience learning in a fun way.

TechnoFuture Lebanon offers a unique blend of robotic, programming, technology, and engineering activities for students ages 4-17. The partnership with TechnoKids provides instructional materials that promote creativity, critical thinking, and problem solving skills, which are essential for success in the future. Through the innovative technology projects, students explore the world of decision-making and build entrepreneurial skills.

The education team at TechnoFuture Lebanon is highly trained and was handpicked based on their diverse professional backgrounds. Members have worked in the Education, Artificial Intelligence, Digital Media, and IT sectors. Together they offer exceptional learning experiences that are relevant to students.

TechnoKids in LebanonAt TechnoFuture Lebanon, it is believed that well-educated young people are a precious asset. Omar Gamal, owner of TechnoFuture Lebanon, describes the mission of TechnoFuture Lebanon, “It is our goal to give the new generation an opportunity to innovate and build a better personality that best serves their future career and society”. TechnoKids is pleased to provide innovative curriculum to help the students in Lebanon prepare for life in a rapidly changing world.

To learn more about TechnoFuture Lebanon contact Omar Gamal at

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Christa Love

Christa Love, Vice President - Christa Love has a passion for education and technology. A graduate from Brock University she has an Honors Bachelor of Arts in Child Development, Bachelor of Education in Primary and Junior divisions, and Masters of Education in the area of Curriculum Studies. Her work at TechnoKids Inc. began more than twenty years ago as an instructor at a local learning center. Since that time she has operated the summer camp program, taught at the research and development center at John Knox Christian School, trained educators throughout the province on issues related to technology integration, and overseen the curriculum development of hundreds of technology projects. In recent years, Christa has become the vice president of TechnoKids Inc.

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