Mosaic LLC Adds TechnoKids Computer Curriculum to Education Services

Mosaic LLC has partnered with Knowledge Hub to bring TechnoKids Computer Curriculum to children in Sultanate of Oman. Surekha Kembhavi, Managing Director of Knowledge Hub in United Arab Emirates was happy to make the announcement, “I am very excited to announce that we have sub-franchised Oman and now we have a TechnoKids representative in that country.”

Knowledge Hub

Mosaic LLC education services division recently added TechnoKids Computer Curriculum to its product line. Mr. Daljit Nayak, Senior Manager of Business Operation and Development and Mrs. Soumya Rai, School Coordinator are pleased to offer project-based instructional materials to international and private bilingual schools in Sultanate of Oman. The company has a long history of promoting computer literacy using innovative products and services.

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To learn more about TechnoKids in Sultanate of Oman, contact Mr. Daljit Nayak, Senior Manager of Business Operation and Development of Mosaic LLC:

Telephone: +968-24-475-789

Christa Love

Christa Love, Vice President - Christa Love has a passion for education and technology. A graduate from Brock University she has an Honors Bachelor of Arts in Child Development, Bachelor of Education in Primary and Junior divisions, and Masters of Education in the area of Curriculum Studies. Her work at TechnoKids Inc. began more than twenty years ago as an instructor at a local learning center. Since that time she has operated the summer camp program, taught at the research and development center at John Knox Christian School, trained educators throughout the province on issues related to technology integration, and overseen the curriculum development of hundreds of technology projects. In recent years, Christa has become the vice president of TechnoKids Inc.

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