glogster student agreement

Glogster Student Agreement and Digital Citizenship

I enjoy using Glogster with my students. Glogster is a web-based service that can be used to produce posters that are published online. To be able to use this service safely, I created a Glogster Student Agreement. I have included it at the bottom of this post.

I felt it was essential to have a firm set of rules for using Glogster to avoid any privacy or security issues. I wanted all rules to be explicitly stated with a formal method for students acknowledging these rules. By having a Glogster Student Agreement everyone understands the expectations and can be held accountable for their behavior. If students abuse the privilege of using the Glogster service their user account will be suspended. By being proactive, hopefully that never needs to happen.

Prior to using Glogster with students I teach a digital citizenship lesson. We discuss “What is digital citizenship?” and “Why is digital citizenship important?”. As part of the discussion, each student is given a copy of the Glogster Student Agreement.

Establish rules for students using web based services.

At the top of the document is a description of the Glogster service. This section informs students about how Glogster will be used at school and the scope of the audience for completed glogs. Once an item is discussed students place a tick mark beside it to show they understand.

At the bottom of the document is a section regarding digital citizenship. Each item is discussed with a strong emphasis placed on safety and responsible use of technology. Students then check off each item to indicate they agree to follow the rules when using Glogster.

All Glogster Student Agreements are kept on file. I also post a copy in the computer lab. I refer to it whenever students need reminders (which they sometimes do) about how they need to behave when using the Glogster service.

Glogster Agreement

Student Name:

I understand that:

  • Glogster is a web based app that can be used to create posters. These posters can be made into book reports, short stories, or reports.
  • When using the education version I become part of a learning community. This means I can view classmates’ work, as well as work done by students from other schools.
  • Each poster I create has a link on the Internet. This link can be viewed by people who know the web address and are Glogster Education subscribers. If my teacher sets the link to public, anyone in the world can see my work.

When using web based apps it is important to be a good digital citizen. A digital citizen is a person that uses technology safely and responsibly.

I agree that when using Glogster I will be a good digital citizen. I will:

  • create posters for school assignments
  • keep my full name and school name private
  • use an avatar instead of a picture of myself to protect my privacy
  • keep my profile blank and not set my birth date or provide other personal information
  • post status updates only when it is part of a school assignment
  • post comments only when it is part of a school assignment
  • write comments that are polite and related to the topic

You can adapt this document if you want to use it with your students.