How to Complete a School Network Audit Fast

Annually the school has to complete a computer audit for insurance purposes. Each year the bookkeeper hands me a form that I use to list the hardware used throughout the school. The insurance company requires the name of device, manufacturer, model number, and serial number. With more than 200 hardware devices in use at the school this can be a daunting task…but not this year!

School Network Audit is made easy with Spiceworks free download.

Do you have to complete a school network audit?

I installed the FREE network monitoring program from Spiceworks. This program can be installed on a server. It scans the network and detects all hardware. Within only thirty minutes I had more than 80% of the information I needed. Spiceworks provided me with a complete listing. The only items missing were monitors and a few routers. I was so pleased!

Not only did the Spiceworks network monitoring program save me a ton of time, but it also provided me with additional details about the status of our equipment. This allowed me to quickly review computers that were nearing their hard drive capacity or warranty expiration, as well as those that could accept more RAM to run more efficiently.

I heard about this program from a technician at the company BlueRange Technology. Their recommendation was greatly appreciated. In the past, I used a database to manage the school’s hardware inventory logging all the information by hand. However, things can get pretty hectic. When this happens, a donation of a computer or other device can easily get missed. Now I can use the school network monitoring program to keep the records up to date. If you need to complete a network audit I highly recommend Spiceworks.


Laurie Gerard, Research and Development ~ Laurie is responsible for the upkeep of our materials ensuring projects are developmentally appropriate, meaningful to students, integrate into the curriculum, and have clear instructions. Her duties include curriculum support and upkeep of our network and server. Laurie's contribution to the blog includes entries about the challenges of integrating technology in a school environment. The technical issues she overcomes related to hardware, software, and networking will be passed on to you in the form of practical strategies. In addition, she writes about the real-world problems faced by teachers as they struggle to offer a quality technology program with a limited budget.

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