Old Technology is Good Technology

old technology is good technology

Donations Welcome!

Are you looking to get rid of your old computer, laptop, or monitor? Before you dump it in the trash, consider a local school in your neighborhood. Many private schools are happy to accept your donations. I know we are!

Today, old technology is good technology. Your computer that is three years old and only has 512 MB of ram is perfect! Your laptop that only has an 80 GB hard drive is excellent! Your old digital camera is wonderful! Your small 17″ flat panel monitor is fantastic! Yes, we will take it!

Budgets are tight! Donated computer equipment allows the school to upgrade its equipment without having to spend a lot of money. We appreciate all hardware donations because they allow us to allocate our funds elsewhere. Typically, the money goes to areas where donations are not available, such as software licensing.

Two Inexpensive Ways to Improve Computer Performance

There are two changes I will often make to the donation of a computer to improve its performance. No, I do not change the hard drive (unless it is smaller than 40 GB). The amount of space typically does not matter because the files are stored on the server.

Where I make enhancements are the RAM and network card. I like to purchase inexpensive RAM sticks to bump up the memory of the computer. I also will invest in a gigabit network card to increase the rate of data transfer through the network. These upgrades typically cost $100. This investment is worthwhile because now the school has a machine that it can typically use for about three years.

Companies typically turn over their equipment every three to five years. Back in the day, these older machines were junk. Today, there is a strong possibility this hardware is what your school needs!

What Do you Think?

Does your school accept computer donations? What hardware will you accept? What hardware is not worth the headache?

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