How to Use TechnoKids Assignments on an iPad

ipad dock tabs

Do you want to know how to use TechnoKids assignments on an iPad? There are three steps you need to follow. First, you should have a Google Account (if you plan to use Google apps). Second, you need to register with a free PDF annotator service such as Kami to open and type answers into TechnoKids worksheets. Third, you must know how to use the iPad to open TechnoKids worksheets, and optionally split the screen to multi-task.

Before we get started, please note that TechnoKids recommends using the online version of Google apps, instead of the iPad versions. This is because some apps, such as Google Sites do not have an iPad version, which prevents teaching such projects as TechnoSite. Moreover, the iPad apps for Docs, Slides, and Sheets have limited features and tools. For these reasons, the instructions below explain how to use the online versions to complete TechnoKids assignments on an iPad.

Preparation – Download TechnoKids Project from TechnoHub

These instructions assume you already have purchased and downloaded a TechnoKids technology project. TechnoKids technology projects are accessible from TechnoHub, an online bookshelf. Prior to reading how to use TechnoKids on an iPad you must have completed the following tasks:

  • downloaded a TechnoKids technology project from TechnoHub
  • unzipped the downloaded files
  • uploaded the student resources into a Google Drive folder (or other web-based location) for classes to access

For assistance, refer to Getting Started.

Step 1 Register for a Google Account

If you are planning to use the Google version of TechnoKids project, your students must have a Google account.

  1. Open the Safari web browser on the iPad.merge all windows
  1. Visit
  2. Either create a Google Drive account or sign in.

Step 2 Create a Kami Account

TechnoKids worksheets are in PDF format. Students will need a PDF Annotator such as Kami to view and type answers into TechnoKids worksheets.  Most features in Kami are free, which makes it affordable for schools. Although, your students can use a different PDF Annotator, these instructions explain how to use Kami.

  1. Safari should be open from the previous step.
  2. Click the plus sign to open a new browser tab.
new tab on ipad
Keep Google Drive open. Click NEW TAB (plus sign).
  1. Type into the search bar.
  2. Select Create an Account. Complete registration. TIP: You may want to use your Google account.
register for a kami account
You need a PDF annotator such as KAMI to type answers into TechnoKids worksheets.

Step 3 Open a TechnoKids Worksheet in Kami

  1. You should already be signed into Kami. If you are not, visit and select Sign in from the toolbar.
  2. Select the location of a TechnoKids assignment e.g., Open from Google Drive.
open technokids pdf
Select the location of the TechnoKids worksheet
  1. Pick the TechnoKids assignment and click the Select button at the bottom of the window. The file will open in Kami.
  2. View the instructions.
view the TechnoKids worksheet
Read the instructions on the TechnoKids worksheet.
  1. (Optional) If the assignment has questions, use the Kami Text Box and Drawing tools to insert your answers.
type answers using a text box
Use the Text Box tool to type answers. Use the Drawing tool to make checkmarks.


  1. When done, click the Save tool. From the menu, click Save Now.
save now
Click SAVE. From the menu click SAVE NOW.
  1. Check to make sure the file saved. There should be a checkmark beside All changes saved. If the menu reads Save Failed your work is NOT SAVED.

Step 3 (Optional)
View a TechnoKids Worksheet and an App at the Same Time

You can dock screens to see two windows at one time. This will allow you to have an app, such as Docs or Slides, open on the left side of the screen, while having the TechnoKids assignment sheet open on the right side of the screen. Alternately, you can have a TechnoKids template or sample file open on the left side of the screen, with the TechnoKids assignment sheet open on the right.

If you have been following along you have already completed the following steps…SKIP AHEAD!

  • Open the Safari web browser on the iPad.
  • Visit Sign into your account.
  • Click the plus sign to open a new tab.
  • Type into the search bar. Sign into Kami.
  • Select the location of a TechnoKids pdf assignment e.g., Open from Google Drive.
  • Pick the TechnoKids assignment and click the Select button at the bottom of the window. The file will open in Kami.
  • View the instructions. You now have two tabs open.
two tabs are open
There are two tabs open at the same time.
  1. Click the tab with Kami. Hold and drag it to the TOP RIGHT corner to split your screen right to dock it in a separate window:
drag tab to top right corner
Drag the tab with the TechnoKids worksheet to the TOP RIGHT CORNER.
  1. Let go to see the two tabs open at the same time. For example, Google Drive might be open on the left and the TechnoKids assignment open on the right. For example:
two tabs at same time on ipad
View two tabs on the iPad at the same time.

TIP: If the window does not dock, click and HOLD safari tool. Select Merge All Windows. Try again.
merge all windows

  1. If you need to open a template, sample, or saved file select it now. For example:
view a sample and the technokids worksheet
View a sample and the TechnoKids worksheet at the same time.
  1. Or if you need to make a new file and you have Google Drive open:
    • Click New. new
    • From the menu select the Google app, such as Google Docs > Blank document:
new file worksheet

If prompted to use the app, click No, I’m not interested.

  1. Follow the instructions on the worksheet to complete the task.

About the Screenshots

NOTE: The sample screenshots show the TechnoKids technology project, TechnoJournal. This is an ideal word processing projects for beginners. It is simple, yet fun way to blend language arts with technology. Students learn how to use Google Docs or Microsoft Word to write a series of short journal entry logs.

Christa Love

Christa Love, Curriculum Developer & Teacher ~ I am passionate about blending technology into curriculum. Whether it is programming, video production, graphic design, or digital citizenship, I am interested in how apps and tools can be used to enhance learning. Throughout the years I have designed many TechnoKids technology projects. My favorite part of curriculum development is field-testing the ideas to determine the activities that work best in real classrooms. I write about what I have learned that can save teachers time in their own curriculum planning.

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