Classroom Rules for BYOD

byod classroom rules

The BYOD policy will provide strict guidelines on the appropriate use of student owned devices, as well as the consequences for abuse. Parents and students must the policy and sign the BYOD agreement form.

Students need to remember that bringing a device to school is a privilege that can be revoked. It is a good idea to post BYOD rules in the classroom to act as a reminder.

BYOD Rules

Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Be a good digital citizen.
  1. Work with your device in approved locations.
  1. Use for assigned tasks only.
  1. Take photos/videos for assignments only.
  1. Use of the device is restricted to its owner.
  1. Bring device fully charged to school.
  1. Charge it safely at approved stations.
  1. Use the school’s WIFI network only.
  1. Remove ear buds/turn down screen when asked.
  1. Turn off device or put to sleep when not in use.
BYOD for schools

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