Laurie Gerard, Research and Development ~ Laurie is responsible for the upkeep of our materials ensuring projects are developmentally appropriate, meaningful to students, integrate into the curriculum, and have clear instructions. Her duties include curriculum support and upkeep of our network and server. Laurie's contribution to the blog includes entries about the challenges of integrating technology in a school environment. The technical issues she overcomes related to hardware, software, and networking will be passed on to you in the form of practical strategies. In addition, she writes about the real-world problems faced by teachers as they struggle to offer a quality technology program with a limited budget.

Flash Drives in the Classroom

USB Flash Drives In the past, the senior students at our school would email computer assignments to themselves so they could access them later. They’d open their email at home, download the attachment, complete the work, resave the document and then email it back. This was great and showed the students were taking responsibility to get their computer …

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Internet Safety in Schools: Free Proxies are a Risk

Internet safety in schools is an important issue and free proxies may be placing your students at risk. I have spent the summer working to develop a strategy to protect students while they are using the Internet. During the end of the school year, I was shocked to learn that the Internet security in place was being …

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