Color Part of a Black and White Photo using Photoshop CC

color photo with photoshop

You have most likely seen photos that are displayed in black and white with only one part of it seen in color. This is very easy to do using Photoshop CC. There are many ways to achieve this effect. One easy method is to use the History Brush Tool. Try it!

  1. Open Adobe Photoshop CC.
  2. Open a photo of your choice.
  3. Create a duplicate of the photo. From the Image menu, click DUPLICATE. Click OK.
  1. From the Image menu, select ADJUSTMENTS. From the submenu, select DESATURATE.
black and white photo
Turn the photo into a black and white image.
  1. Click the History Brush Tool on the Tools panel.
History Brush Tool
  1. Click the Brush Preset picker on the Options Bar.
  1. Select Basic Brushes from the list. Set the brush style options to 100% hardness.
basic brush
Select a Basic Brush from the list.
  1. Use the Zoom Tool to magnify the area.
  2. Use a small brush size to outline the shape.
Photoshop CC History Brush Tool
Outline the object using a small brush.
  1. Increase the brush size to fill with color.
History Brush Tool
Paint over top of the picture using the History Brush Tool.

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