Item Number: PRI-CITY

Technology Integration: Language Arts, Social Studies

Technology Skill: Presentation

Program: PowerPoint, Microsoft Office

Includes: Community Lesson Plans, Teacher Guide, Printable Student Workbook, Paperless Worksheets, Review Questions, Extension Activities, TechnoCity Parent Letter, TechnoCity Certificate, Summary of Skills Checklist, TechnoCity Marking Sheet, Sample Presentation, Weather Cards, Activity Cards, Community Helper Cards, TechnoCity Template, In the Park Template, Blank Template, Move Template (all templates have a custom quick access toolbar)

Session 1: Where I Live

Start a presentation with a slide that contains facts about their community.

Session 2: A Street in My City

Make a simple map of a street in their city. Illustrate with clip art.

Session 3: The Weather in My City

Discuss the weather outside and illustrate it using clip art and motion clips.

Session 4: The Helpers in My City

Add a slide about the people who help make their community special.

Session 5: My City Comes to Life

Animate! Use a custom toolbar to help bring the presentation to life.

Session 6: A Report about My City

Complete the multimedia report by adding transitions and timing. Share!

Optional Community Lesson Plans

Fun Things to Do: List community favorites.
In the Park: Follow directions to make a picture.
Map the Path to School: Use online map sites.
The Job of My Parent: Review PowerPoint skills.
Move It: Practice animation techniques.

Design a PowerPoint Presentation
Helpful Resources Included
Follow Directions to Make a Street Map
Describe Community Helpers

Learning About Communities Theme

Integrate social studies and technology using TechnoCity community lesson plans. Designed specifically for primary grades, TechnoCity templates make using Microsoft PowerPoint fun and easy for primary students.

  • Report about your community using PowerPoint
  • Map the neighborhood by following directions
  • Illustrate the weather using clip art and motion clips
  • Describe the role of a community helper
  • Apply a theme to a slide
  • Organize text, clip art, and motion clips on a slide
  • Animate a slide object
  • Choose a transition
  • Present a slide show about a city
  • Critically view a report about the city where you live

Customer Reviews

Create a multimedia report using a Microsoft PowerPoint template designed for beginners. Have fun adding text, pictures, and animated objects. Use TechnoCity community lesson plans to build basic computer skills in primary grades.

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I used the TechnoCity PowerPoint project to introduce my 2nd graders to PowerPoint. The templates TechnoKids creates are fantastic. Several colleagues thought PowerPoint may be too difficult for 2nd grade. The step-by-step instructions and easy to use template made the project very easy to teach. And, the students had a great time with their slide shows. The extension activities are excellent. When these students return as 3rd graders, I'll be able to test their knowledge of PowerPoint and pick up right were we ended. TechnoKids' curriculum makes the Microsoft Suite of products very manageable for grade school.

Renee B., Cincinnati, Ohio, St. James the Greater

The curriculum is great. The kids really enjoy it. I was told last year that I would be teaching computers to K-6. I am so glad I found your website! It has been a life saver. Since I purchase the curriculum out of my own pocket, I can only do it a piece at a time. Your monthly specials are really helpful on the pocketbook!

multimedia community reviewer

S. Furber,
North Lake School,

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