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Bookmaking Activities, Technology in the Classroom, Google Slides and PowerPoint Activities: TechnoBookmaking Teacher Guide, Printable Student Workbook, Paperless Worksheets, Extension Activities

Handouts and Assessment: TechnoBookmaking Parent Letter, Bookmaking Certificate, Bookmaking Skill Summary, Writing Checklist, Book Marking Sheet, Bookmaking Unit Sheet

Bookmaking Templates: Tiny Picture Book Template, Flip Book Template, Riddle Book Template, Layer Book Template, Bookmark Template, Card Template, Accordion Box Template, Accordion Heart Template, Accordion Zig Zag Template, Unfold Story Template, Fact Template, Flip Flap Book Template, Flip Flap Sounds Template, Story Template

Sample Books: Tiny Pets, Tiny Toys, Flip Farm, Flip City, Flip Habitat, Riddle Animal, Riddle Job, Layer World, Layer Seasons, Bookmark 1, Bookmark 2, Card Greeting, Card Invitation, Accordion City, Accordion Love, Accordion Week, Flip Habitat, Unfold Surprise, Unfold Bed, Fact Biography, Fact Volcano, Story Play, Story Skate

Assignment 1: Make a Tiny Picture Book

Create a mini wordless picture book using an accordion style template and images.

Assignment 2: Create a Flip Flap Book

Format text and insert images to make a flip book that reveals a hidden object behind a flap.

Assignment 3: Make a Folding Riddle Book

Arrange text boxes to write a riddle book that unfolds to display the answer.

Assignment 4: Design a Layer Book of Facts

Use a layer template to organize information with headings to categorize facts.

Assignment 5: Craft Bookmarks

Adjust the object order of text and images to make bookmarks that express a love of reading.

Assignment 6: Send an Invitation or Greeting Card

Design an invitation to a book sharing event or make a thank you card for an author.

Assignment 7: Share Books

Share books with an audience. Suggestions provided.

Integrate Technology in the Classroom

Optional Extension Activities
  • Discover Accordion Style Books: Use templates and folding techniques to make books.
  • Make Flip Flap Books: Make a story with a hidden item below a flap. Book ideas included.
  • Write a Story That Unfolds: Create a story with pages that unfold to show a surprise ending.
  • Build Fast Fact Books: Make a book with strips that peel away to show facts.
  • Publish Story Books: Write a story using a template. Activity includes story starter ideas.
  • Get Story Ideas: Use a story generator to pick a character, setting, and plot.
  • Plan a Story: Organize ideas using a planner to sketch the beginning, middle, and end.
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Bookmaking Activities
Integrate Technology in the Classroom
Templates Support Learning

Bookmaking Activities for Elementary Students

There are many benefits to bookmaking. Making books is fun. The activity motivates reluctant writers and increases writing skills. Bookmaking provides a real audience and boosts reading skills when the stories are shared with others. TechnoBookmaking integrates technology in the classroom, enhancing word processing and presentation skills. Bookmaking lessons spark creativity, personalize learning, and develop a positive attitude towards books.

  • Express thoughts through writing
  • Plan and organize ideas
  • Use templates to construct books
  • Apply bookmaking techniques
  • Share books with an audience
  • Create a wordless picture book
  • Produce a flip book that hides an item
  • Write a riddle book that unfolds
  • Organize facts to make a layer book
  • Publish fiction and non-fiction books

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Elementary students make, print, and share books. They use inspiring templates to publish a collection of stories. Integrate technology in the classroom with each activity that teaches a new word processing skill. Lessons explain how to make a tiny picture book, flip flap story, unfolding riddle book, layer book of facts, bookmarks, and greeting card. Place the publications on a bookshelf or put a fresh twist on a Young Author's Conference. Extension activities include additional templates that offer unlimited creativity. Rethink how Google Slides or PowerPoint can be used in language arts. Explore the possibilities with bookmaking lessons.

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TechnoKids provides curriculum that is engaging, easy for students to follow with images and step by step instruction. The curriculum for Google Apps is always up to date. The curriculum comes ready to use immediately and even gives you the ability to customize if you so desire. TechnoKids constantly adds new innovative curriculum to meet today's challenges. The TechnoKids support staff is also fantastic!

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K. Nuckolls,
West Middle School,
Tullahoma, TN, USA

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