TechnoColors KID PIX 3D

Item Number: PRI-COLORS

Technology Integration: Visual Arts

Technology Skill: Graphics

Program: KID PIX 3D

Includes: Kindergarten Computer Lessons, Teacher Guide, Printable Student Workbook, Paperless Worksheets, Review Questions, Extension Activities, TechnoColors Parent Letter, TechnoColors Certificate, Summary of Skills Checklist, Color Cards, Shading Cards, Color in Art Resource, Feelings and Color Resource, Sky Photo Album, Sing a Rainbow Song, Sounds Folder

Session 1: Take the Color Challenge

Identify colors. Draw a red apple, blue ball, yellow sun, and orange snake.

Session 2: Shades of Color

Paint a picture to identify light and dark shades of color.

Session 3: Feeling Color

Paint a picture that uses color to express an emotion.

Session 4: A Colorful Day

Experiment with the Fill Bucket and Paint tools to paint the sky.

Session 5: Colorful Music

Generate art with sound. Use a microphone to create a colorful picture.

Session 6: Color Comes to Life

Produce an animated picture using objects of all the same color.

Optional Kindergarten Computer Lessons

Color Scavenger Hunt: Search the classroom.
Climbing Colors: 'Unmix' colors with blotter paper.
Me and My Feelings: Have fun with student photos.
Painting with Feet: Take off your socks and shoes!
Butterfly Baggies: Craft colorful insects.
Colorful Kabobs: Make yummy treats to eat

Create with KIDPIX 3D
Explore Color and Mood
Animate a Colorful Scene
Includes Helpful Color Resources

Spark Creativity!

TechnoColors kindergarten computer lessons transform preschool students into artists. Learn color names, express feelings in color, and observe colors in the classroom and surroundings.

  • Identify shades of color
  • Express feelings about art
  • Study artwork to notice warm and cool colors
  • Create artwork that uses color to express mood
  • Draw with pencil, chalk, crayon, and marker tools
  • Choose line and color options for a selected tool
  • Apply stickers and animations to a canvas
  • Create a picture based on a color theme
  • Undo, erase, and clear the canvas
  • Add text to a picture

Customer Reviews

Students create artwork using Kid Pix 3D kindergarten computer lessons. Each completed drawing is a celebration of color.

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The kids really like Kid Pix 3D. I haven't had any difficulties so far. I have adapted some of your other primary lessons to Kid Pix 3D [a lot more of our students are autistic and have difficulty with Microsoft Office].

kid pix teaching ideas reviewer

G. Simpson,
Durand Academy,

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