KID PIX 3D Bundle


Description: KID PIX teaching ideas include 5 innovative technology projects for early learners, plus an Activity Book with 20 activities and 10 workshops for students in Grades 1-3.

Technology Integration: Computer, Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Visual Arts

Technology Skill: Animation, Graphics, Presentation, Word Processing

Program: KID PIX 3D

KID PIX Bundle Includes:

KID PIX Activity Book: Integrate 20+ activities into learning with KID PIX.

TechnoBasics: Learn computer fundamentals.

TechnoColors: Explore digital paint tools.

TechnoLetters: Have fun with letters.

TechnoNumbers: Practice number recognition and counting.

TechnoShapes: Identify and recognize shapes in familiar objects.

Computer Activities for Beginners

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KID PIX Activities

Introduce fundamental computing knowledge and skills to preschool, kindergarten, and primary children. KID PIX teaching ideas integrate technology with curriculum.

  • Integrate technology into learning
  • Generate, plan, and organize ideas
  • Write, edit, and illustrate stories and descriptive text
  • Create multimedia reports
  • Design posters, cards, and more
  • Construct simple maps
  • Analyze data in a graph
  • Use elements of design
  • Paint with digital art tools
  • Produce publications using creativity tools

Customer Reviews

Computer Activities for Kindergarten and Primary Students: The Kid Pix 3D bundle consists of five technology projects including TechnoBasics, TechnoColors, TechnoLetters, TechnoNumbers, and TechnoShapes for kindergarten, plus an Activity Book for Grades 1-3 students offering a collection of teaching ideas and applications.

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It is easy to follow and the kids love the projects.

Lisa O, Glenside, Saint Joseph the Protector


I absolutely LOVE Technokids! I love the Google projects as well as the KidPix projects. It gives me an idea on what students can learn from using the program step-by-step. I also teach after school clubs, so having the projects on hand to do with my students is a blessing! I am definitely purchasing from Technokids again.

Kristen G., Amagansett/East Hampton, Amagansett School


Initially, I was worried about taking my kindergarten class into the computer lab, but the TechnoKids preschool computer curriculum made it easy. The students really enjoy the KID PIX program and can't wait for "Computers" every week!

L. Bosch, Oakville, ON, John Knox Christian School


We would like to endorse your KID PIX 3D bundle with the KID PIX 3D Activity book, so it's clear to customers that your curriculum is the real deal.

S. Caguiat, MA, USA, Software MacKiev -Creators of Kid Pix 3D


The kids really like Kid Pix 3D.

G. Simpson, NJ, USA, Durand Academy

We would like to endorse your KID PIX 3D bundle with the KID PIX 3D Activity book, so it's clear to customers that your curriculum is the real deal.

kid pix lessons reviewer

S. Caguiat,
Software MacKiev,

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