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CODING FOR KIDS ACTIVITIES: Build STEM skills with fun and engaging programming projects. Step-by-step instructions turn beginners into confident coders. Use Scratch Jr, Scratch 3, Python 3, HTML5 and CSS to create animations, games, digital stories, web pages, and more.

SEQUENCED DEVELOPMENTAL MODEL: TechnoKids offers an integrated progression. Start at Grade 2 with TechnoWhiz using Scratch Jr, progress to TechnoTales with Scratch Jr in junior grades, advance to TechnoCode with Scratch or TechnoTurtle with Python 3 in middle school, and then learn HTML coding with TechnoHTML5. Teach all or any project on its own - no previous experience needed.

FOSTER ESSENTIAL SKILLS: Promote life skills such as problem solving, communication, initiative, responsibility, and creativity. The planning, decision making, troubleshooting, and collaboration needed to complete coding activities enhance invaluable job and life skills.

ALL RESOURCES INCLUDED: Each project consists of a Teacher Guide, Student Workbook, assessment tools, example files, optional challenges, review questions, program flashcards or tool summaries, and more. Everything you need is provided.

ONE TIME FEE: Not a subscription - our site license allows you to use the materials for an unlimited period of time. You may also place the workbooks and resources on any number of devices in your school.

Program: Text Editor, Scratch, Scratch Jr, Python 3

Spark an Interest in Computer Programming with Coding for Kids Activities

TechnoWhiz: Become a programming whiz kid. Build simple scripts and loops.

TechnoTales: Code a fairy tale. Build scripts to animate the story events.

TechnoCode: Build games, puzzles, and stories using Scratch. Coders create an Activity Studio.

TechnoTurtle: Use Python 3 to solve mazes, produce artwork, and invent games.

TechnoHTML: Spark an interest in programming by coding a web page with HTML and CSS.

Terms of Use
Use the Coding for Kids Activities with unlimited users at your site. A site is a physical location such as classroom, school, library, learning center, or home. If you teach at multiple sites, you will need to purchase one set for each location. Transfer the files to all devices at your site. View the PDF teacher guides and workbooks digitally or print as many as you need. Files CANNOT be posted in public domain.

Coding Activities for Kids
Have Fun With Scratch Jr
Code using Scratch
Design a Web Page using HTML CSS

STEM and Programming Skills for Kids in Grades 2-9

The Coding Bundle is a great introduction to computer science. Spark an interest in digital literacy with fun animations, scenes, and creative stories in primary and junior grades with Scratch Jr. Build an activity studio with puzzles, mazes, art, and music in middle school using Scratch. Use Python 3 and the Turtle library to conquer mazes, paint pixel art, create a Mad Lib Generator, and build a carnival game. Then construct a unique web page with HTML5 and CSS.

  • Plan ideas using an organizer
  • Sequence the steps in a task using coding blocks
  • Build scripts that direct the movement, look, and timing of events
  • Apply conditional logic, create variables, and use broadcasting
  • Foster computational thinking to tackle problems
  • Debug errors to find and fix a mistake in a script
  • Create the structure of a document using HTML and CSS
  • Format the text, images, and links on a web page
  • Assess and edit the design, layout, and content of a publication
  • Reflect upon the coding experience

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The Coding Bundle includes 5 projects: TechnoWhiz, TechnoTales, TechnoCode, TechnoTurtle, and TechnoHTML5. Make animated scenes, code a digital story, build games and mazes, become a web designer, and more!

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I am so happy with the products. I use the HMTL5 unit with my students yearly. Thank you!

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Google Review, V. Markmann
Montgomery Upper Middle School,

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