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Description: English and Spanish Teacher Guides, Spanish Workbooks and Handouts, Spanish Resources - The collection includes three technology projects:

  • TechnoResearch: Develop research skills. Create a Fun Fact Card in Google Docs.
  • TechnoCandy: Boost candy sales. Investigate a problem using Google Sheets.
  • TechnoToon: Create a digital story that looks like an animated comic strip in Google Slides.
  • Technology Integration: Business Studies, Geography, History, Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Visual Arts

    Technology Skill: Data Management, Database, Internet, Presentation, Spreadsheet, Word Processing

    Program: Google, Google Docs, Google Slides, Google Sheets, Google Forms

    About TechnoResearch: Publish a Fun Fact Card

    Assignment 1 Study the Fun Fact Card Collection: Assess research skills. Study fact cards to gain an understanding of the research project.

    Assignment 2 Broaden then Narrow your Topic: Use Research tool and/or Wikipedia to gain ideas. Build a word list. Ask questions to narrow focus.

    Assignment 3 Organize Ideas and Create an Outline: Organize ideas. Create an outline with headings in Google Docs or Word Online.

    Assignment 4 Find Facts using an Online Encyclopedia: Use an online encyclopedia to gather facts. Track the source of information.

    Assignment 5 Research a Topic using Google Search: Research a topic using Google Search. Apply strategies to find trustworthy information quickly.

    Assignment 6 Create a Glossary of Terms: Make a glossary using the Define tool in Google Docs or online dictionaries.

    Assignment 7 Transform the Outline into a Fact Card: Paraphrase facts by rewriting them using simple sentences that are easy to read and understand.

    Assignment 8 Format the Text to Make it Easy to Read: Format font, create a bulleted list, adjust line spacing, and indent lines to lay out text on the page.

    Assignment 9 Adjust Page Layout and Arrange Images: Adjust the orientation, margins, and/or page color. Add images and format the appearance.

    Assignment 10: Fact Card Checklist: Complete checklist, then have a peer review the fact card. Make revisions based on assessment.

    Assignment 11 Create a Fun Fact Card Collection: Print the fact card or email/copy a link. Share collection with others.

    Assignment 12 Research Self-Reflection: Reflect upon learning. Make connections to how skills can be applied to future situations.

    Extension Activities: Save Time! Skim and Scan, Cite Sources of Information, Explore Google Search, Use Primary and Secondary Sources, Arrange Fact Card using a Table

    About TechnoCandy: Develop a Solution to Boost Candy Sales

    Assignment 1 Spreadsheets and You: Recognize the practical application of spreadsheets. Set a goal for learning.

    Assignment 2 Explore Spreadsheets: Explore Google Sheets or Excel Online to learn spreadsheet terminology and acquire basic skills.

    Assignment 3 Understand the Problem: Develop an understanding of the problem. Make a plan to collect information.

    Assignment 4 Conduct a Survey: Conduct a survey about color preferences.

    Assignment 5 Record Survey Results in a Spreadsheet: Organize survey results in a spreadsheet. Format the data to make it easy to read.

    Assignment 6 Calculate Survey Data: Calculate data using the Sum function.

    Assignment 7 Graph the Survey Results: Graph survey data. Interpret the results.

    Assignment 8 Research the Candy: Investigate candy packaging. Record predictions and actual amounts of colored candies.

    Assignment 9 Record Research Results: Organize research results in a new sheet. Calculate totals using the Sum function.

    Assignment 10 Make a Comparison Chart: Sort data. Create a comparison graph. Analyze research findings.

    Assignment 11 Report Solution to the Problem: Recommend a solution to the problem based on the evidence. Use graphs to support reasoning.

    Assignment 12 Submit the Report: Complete a checklist. Submit report.

    Extension Activities: Play Spreadsheet Bingo, Have Fun with Cell References, Chart Activities, Explore Pie and Line Graphs, Draw Packaging, Make a Survey

    About TechnoToon: Create a Digital Story

    TechnoToon Digital Story

    Assignment 1 Digital Storytelling, Cartoons, & Comic Strips: Learn about digital storytelling, cartoons, and comic strips. Complete storyboard panels.

    Assignment 2 View Sample Digital Stories: View sample digital stories as a source of inspiration. Answer questions about their content.

    Assignment 3 Organize Story Ideas for the Digital Story: Use a planning sheet to draft story ideas. Organize events into panels.

    Assignment 4 Make the Title Slide: Make a title slide. Format text and text boxes. Apply a colored slide background.

    Assignment 5 Set the Scene: Set the scene. Create the first slide. Include a text box, character, and callout.

    Assignment 6 Create the Action Scenes: Create the remaining scenes. Include a starburst to emphasize an action.

    Assignment 7 Add Transitions and Animations: Add transitions to divide scenes. Animate objects to set the timing of events and enhance story.

    Assignment 8 Digital Story Checklist: Complete a digital story checklist. Make revisions.

    Assignment 9 Publish your Digital Story: Publish a digital story. If using Google Slides, set the slides to play automatically and share link with others.

    Extension Activities: Generate a Story Idea, Picture Editing Workshop, Use Images from the Internet, Animation Workshop, Peer Edit the Digital Story, Print a Comic Strip or Comic Book, Screencast to Make a Video

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Spanish Teaching Resources for Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides

The Spanish Bundle for Google Apps includes three of TechnoKids most popular technology projects. Elementary, middle, and high school students use Spanish versions of TechnoResearch, TechnoCandy, and TechnoToon to develop word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation skills.

  • Formulate a plan to guide research
  • Gather information using research strategies
  • Apply word processing skills to create a fact card
  • Investigate a problem using spreadsheets
  • Conduct a survey and research candy packaging to collect data
  • Recommend a solution and explain reasoning in a written report
  • Produce an original digital story
  • Animate slide objects to sequence events
  • Divide story action by applying transitions
  • Share digital files with others

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Spanish Technology Projects with Google Apps Activities

TechnoResearch: Develop research skills. Create a Fun Fact Card in Google Docs.

TechnoCandy: Boost candy sales. Investigate a problem using Google Sheets.

TechnoToon: Create a digital story that looks like an animated comic strip using Google Slides.

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I have been using TechnoKids for 3 years throughout the entire school. The instructions are clear and well illustrated as well as covering all the computer applications important to a life long learner.

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