Technology Integration: History, Language Arts, Science, Social Studies

Technology Skill: Word Processing

Program: Google, Google Docs, Microsoft Office, Office 365 Online, Word, Word Online


Word Processing Skills Lesson Plans: TechnoNewsletter Teacher Guide, Printable Student Workbook, Paperless Worksheets, Extension Activities

Handouts and Assessment Tools: TechnoNewsletter Parent Letter, TechnoNewsletter Certificate, Newsletter Skill Summary, Front Cover Checklist, Top 5 Checklist, Word Search Checklist, Opinion Article Checklist, Newsletter Marking Sheet, Comment Starters, Commenting Advice, Commenting Agreement

Newsletter Samples: TechnoStar Fan Club, Amelia Earhart, The Recycle Bin

Assignment 1: FANtastic Newsletter

Review sample newsletters to gain ideas.

Assignment 2: Start a Fan Club

Generate ideas for a newsletter using a planning sheet.

Assignment 3: Create the Front Cover - Phase 1

Create a newsletter cover. Format the title. Arrange article names in a bulleted list.

Assignment 4: Create the Front Cover - Phase 2

Decorate the cover by inserting a picture and hyperlink. Format image.

Assignment 5: Top 5 List

Write an article that shares insights related to the topic. Organize ideas using a numbered list.

Assignment 6: Design a Word Search

Design a word search of topic-related terminology using a table to position content.

Assignment 7: Make a Word Search Answer Key

Produce a word search answer key by copying content and filling cells.

Assignment 8: Organize Ideas for Opinion Article

Organize ideas for an opinion piece using a planning sheet.

Assignment 9: Share Your Opinion

Write an opinion piece with supporting quotes. Reference quotes using footnotes.

Assignment 10: Complete the Newsletter

Complete the newsletter by inserting page numbers, headers, and footers.

Assignment 11: Share Newsletter with Readers

Print, PDF, and/or share a publication electronically.

Optional Activities to Build Word Processing Skills

  • Picture Workshop: Explore methods to insert images.
  • Create a Collage: Create a collage using Windows Photo Gallery or an online service.
  • Keep Writing: 15 additional article ideas.
  • Commenting Activity: Share with fans.
  • Insert Quotes: Use the Research Tool to insert a quote and footnote. *Google Docs only
Create a Newsletter
Integrate Technology into Curriculum
Teach Word Processing Skills
Extension Activities Challenge Students

Word Processing Activities using Google Docs or Microsoft Word for Middle and High School

Use TechnoNewsletter to teach essential word processing skills as part of a computer studies class. Or integrate the activities into a language arts, history, social studies, or science unit. Discover how to make a professional-looking publication using Google Docs or Microsoft Word.

  • Design a publication for a target audience
  • Organize ideas using a planning sheet
  • Write articles expressing a viewpoint
  • Revise writing to correct errors
  • Share a publication in print or electronically
  • Adjust line and paragraph spacing
  • Reference information sources with footnotes
  • Copy, paste, find, and replace text
  • Organize content using tables
  • Insert page breaks, page numbers, headers, and footers

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Create a fan club newsletter. Learn valuable word processing skills such as formatting text, arranging objects, adjusting page layout, working with tables, referencing information sources, and inserting headers or footers. Challenging enrichment activities support learning with optional assignments that explain how to work with images, create a collage, co-author an article, or engage in an online discussion.

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