Item Number: INT-MAP

Technology Integration: Geography, History, Social Studies

Technology Skill: Presentation, Word Processing

Program: Google, Google Docs, Google Slides, Microsoft Office, Office 365 Online, PowerPoint, PowerPoint Online


Map Skills Lesson Plans, Google Slides or PowerPoint Lessons - Teacher Guide, Printable Student Workbook, Paperless Worksheets, Extension Activities

Map Making Handouts and Assessment Tools: TechnoMap Parent Letter, TechnoMap Certificate, Map Skill Summary, Map Checklist, Map Marking Sheet

Mapping Skills Templates and Samples: Research Organizer Template, Industry of Ontario Map, Oil Spill Effects Map, and Transcontinental Railroad Map

Map skills lessons plans show how to create an interactive map that explores how human and physical geography intersect. The map can be of the world, country, province or state, region, or a city. Select a topic based on an area of study within geography, history, or social studies curriculum. The map could be about people and places, historical exploration, current events, environmental awareness, tourist attractions, or national pride.

Interactive Map - Click PRESENT to view

Use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox to see sample

Assignment 1: What is an Interactive Map?

Study sample interactive maps. Understand how they connect geography to human activity.

Assignment 2: Brainstorm a Topic for your Map

Use an inquiry-based approach to select a research question to investigate.

Assignment 3: Organize Research Findings

Research the topic. Collect facts with the help of an organizer.

Assignment 4: Create the Map Slide

Design a map slide with a title and a suitable map of the area.

Assignment 5: Create Information Slides

Produce information slides that contain interesting facts about a location.

Assignment 6: Connect Slides in Interactive Map

Connect markers on the map to information slides. Control slide advancement.

Assignment 7: Interactive Map Checklist

Complete the interactive map and use a checklist to guide revisions.

Assignment 8: Share the Interactive Map

Share the interactive map with a teacher or friends.

Optional Map Skills Lesson Plans

  • Screen Capture a Road Map: Save a picture of a road map.
  • Image Workshop: Discover multiple methods to insert images onto slides.
  • Organize Facts using a Table: Summarize information. Create a comparison.
  • Insert a Link: Insert a hyperlink that links to a website about the topic.
Create an Interactive Map
Investigate a Research Question
Explain the Importance of an Area
Map Skills Lesson Plans for Google Slides or PowerPoint

Explore the Interaction Between Human and Physical Geography

Design an interactive map with markers that highlight important areas using Google Slides or PowerPoint. Map making activities encourage students to form connections between people and places. They can explain the importance of a site, describe changes in an area, report news, express civic or national pride, or highlight happenings around the world. Integrate technology with map skills lesson plans.

  • Identify a topic area for inquiry
  • Use technology to investigate a research question
  • Explain the importance of an area
  • Create an interactive map
  • Form connections between human activity and geography
  • Select a suitable slide layout
  • Design informative slides with text, images, and backgrounds
  • Connect information using hyperlinked map markers
  • Troubleshoot to control slide advancement
  • Share a file and set permissions

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Students create an interactive map that demonstrates how human and physical geography intersect. The topic can be global, national, provincial, state, regional, or local. The map has markers that, when clicked, provide facts about a location. Map skills lesson plans in TechnoMap are a great way to explore and learn about an area or issue.

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