Technology Integration: Business Studies, Language Arts, Math, Visual Arts

Technology Skill: Desktop Publishing, Graphics, Spreadsheet, Word Processing

Program: PowerPoint, Word, Excel, Microsoft Office

Includes: Spreadsheet Lesson Plans using Excel: Teacher Guide, Printable Student Workbook, Paperless Worksheets, Review Questions, Extension Activities, TechnoEntrepreneur Parent Letter, TechnoEntrepreneur Certificate, Summary of Skills Checklist, Newsletter Checklist, Newsletter Marking Sheet, Excel Workbook Sample, Investment Letter Sample, Floor Plan Sample, Newsletter Sample, Entrepreneur Excel Template, Professional Letter Template, Newsletter Template

Session 1: Business Survey

Graph the results of a survey about restaurant type.

Session 2: Professional Letter

Request start-up capital in a professionally written letter.

Session 3: Drawing Tools

Practice drawing with Microsoft Word shapes and drawing tools.

Session 4: Design a Floor Plan

Create a restaurant floor plan in Microsoft Word.

Session 5: Calculate Business Earnings

Calculate restaurant earnings easily using spreadsheet formulas.

Session 6: Investment Opportunity

Promote the restaurant venture using a newsletter created in Word.

Optional Activities for Spreadsheet Lesson Plans using Excel

Design a Menu: Write mouthwatering descriptions.
Design Your Logo: Make a logo for the restaurant.
Dream Bedroom: Use drawing tools to plan a layout.
Be a Critic! Describe a visit to the restaurant.

Graph Survey Results using Excel
Analyze Data using Spreadsheets
Design a Restaurant Floor Plan
Create a Business Logo

Spreadsheet Lesson Plans using Excel for Middle School Students

Integrate technology into a mathematics graphing or entrepreneurship unit. Students launch a business venture and promote it.

  • Relate mathematics to real-world situations
  • Develop problem-solving strategies
  • Use technology to conduct investigations
  • Organize survey data in a worksheet
  • Graph data and analyze the information
  • Format content in a spreadsheet
  • Calculate financial data using formulas
  • Draft a persuasive letter to generate investors
  • Design a floor plan using digital tools
  • Produce a newsletter to endorse a business prospect

Customer Reviews

Students make connections to mathematics in the real world by becoming restaurateurs. They use Excel and Word to develop a restaurant concept, raise investment funds, design a floor plan, and report financial data. Use spreadsheet lesson plans to teach essential skills to middle school students.

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super it helped me so much thx thx thx

ahmad, kajang,selongor,malaysia, IMAS


TechnoKids products are well designed to guide students in the acquisition of knowledge and skills in an engaging, practical way. This package was popular with my class.

Rowan E, Brisbane, Australia, Brisbane Christian College


I purchased Wonderland (MS Office) and Entrepreneur (MS Office) earlier on this year and they are an amazing resource!

S. Fogarty, Forrestfield, Australia, HillSide Christian College


What I like best about this project is that it provides practical applications for real world experiences. Students learn how to communicate professionally. They learn how to collect and interpret data, and how to apply that knowledge. The variety of programs used to create the final project make for a rich learning opportunity.

K. Wyatt, Tonganoxie KS, USA, Tonganoxie Middle School


Thank you for the fantastic curriculum!

E. Natale , MA, USA, Parlin School

Thank you for the fantastic curriculum!

excel lessons, middle school teacher reviewer

E. Natale,
Parlin School,

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