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BLOGGING LESSONS FOR MIDDLE SCHOOL: Students take the role of bloggers, using a safe blogging service to post a series of articles. Guided planning outlines, checklists, sample blog posts, and detailed formatting instructions help students develop dynamic, powerful digital portfolios.

ENGAGE STUDENTS WITH AUTHENTIC WRITING ACTIVITIES: Capture the interest of students as they write in their own voice. Ideal for a language arts writing unit, the lessons plans have young learners share an insight, provide advice, and express an opinion on a topic of personal interest or expertise. Empower students by making connections with a real audience.

PROMOTE RESPONSIBLE DIGITAL CITIZENSHIP: Students read, write, and comment on each other’s blogs. Lessons focus on commenting etiquette, offering encouragement and advice, and how to state a viewpoint appropriately.

USE KIDBLOG OR ANY BLOGGING SERVICE: Please note that Kidblog offers a free trial subscription period for teachers, after which a nominal monthly fee is required. Use the teacher tools in Kidblog to safely publish student writing by controlling all posts and comments before they go public. Or, apply the writing tools and blogging instructions to any blogging service of your choice.

CLASSROOM-TESTED, EFFECTIVE RESOURCES: Designed for busy teachers, resource files include everything you need to get started immediately: bulletin board materials explaining digital footprints, a blogger’s pledge and commenting agreement as student contracts, rubrics, tutorials, and optional workshops, such a making a cartoon avatar!

Technology Integration: Language Arts

Technology Skill: Blogging, Digital Citizenship, Internet

Program: Blog Service

Assignment 1: Explore the Blogosphere

Learn about blogs and terminology.

Assignment 2: Get Started with Kidblog

Explore the Kidblog service.

Assignment 3: Set your Blogger Profile

Choose display name and avatar.

Assignment 4: Take the Blogger's Pledge

Learn about guidelines to blog responsibly. Sign the Blogger's Pledge.

Assignment 5: Plan your Blog

Form a plan for a blog. Pick a topic and outline writing ideas.

Assignment 6: Create a Word Cloud to Generate Ideas

Illustrate blog topic using words.

Assignment 7: Welcome Readers to your Blog

Write a post that introduces the blog to readers. Include word cloud.

Assignment 8: Commenting Agreement

Learn commenting etiquette to express ideas politely. Sign Commenting Agreement.

Assignment 9: Practice Writing Comments

Read sample blog posts. Rewrite and compose effective blog comments.

Assignment 10: Offer Encouragement using Comments

Read blog posts. Compliment a fellow blogger using comments.

Assignment 11: Read and Respond to Comments

Join the conversation. Reply to comments about a blog post.

Assignment 12: Make a Personal Connection

Read sample blog posts. Rephrase text to maintain privacy.

Assignment 13: Write a Personal Connection Post

Compose a post sharing an insight based upon personal experience.

Assignment 14: Make a Connection using Comments

Read blog posts. Write a comment that relates to the insight.

Assignment 15: Study a Sample Advice Post

Compare posts to criticize formatting techniques.

Assignment 16: Format a Sample Blog Post

Edit a blog post to improve readability to make it easy to scan.

Assignment 17: Plan a Blog Post

Organize ideas to provide guidance to readers.

Assignment 18: Write an Advice Post

Author a blog post that offers advice. Apply formatting techniques.

Assignment 19: Spark a Conversation using Comments

Read blog posts. Write a comment that poses a question or offers a suggestion.

Assignment 20: Express Yourself

Learn about writing an opinion post effectively.

Assignment 21: Tips for Writing an Opinion Post

Ponder guidelines for expressing a viewpoint respectfully.

Assignment 22: Plan your Opinion Post

Select a question from a list of suggestions. Organize ideas to state an opinion.

Assignment 23: Write an Opinion Post

Publish a blog post that states a viewpoint appropriately.

Assignment 24: Express your Opinion using Comments

Read blog posts. Convey your agreement with a viewpoint.

Optional Kidblog Lessons with Fun Blogging Activities for Kids

  • Writer's Workshop: Blogger Brainstorming, Find Inspiration with Blog Titles, Share an Insight with Blog Post Starters, Discover Your Inner Expert, Be Opinionated!
  • Tutorials: How to Insert Images, How to Insert Videos, How to Add a Hyperlink
  • Extension Activities: Make a Cartoon Avatar, Blogging, Digital Citizenship, and You

Terms of Use
Use TechnoBlog with unlimited users at your site. A site is a physical location such as classroom, school, learning center, daycare, library, or home. If you teach at multiple sites, you will need to purchase one set for each location. Access everything you need from TechnoHub, and transfer the files to all devices at your site. View the PDF teacher guides and workbooks digitally or print as many as you need. Files CANNOT be posted in public domain.

Students become Bloggers
Kidblog Lessons Promote Digital Citizenship
Use Kidblog to Integrate Blogging into Curriculum
Resources Help Students Write Meaningful Comments

Integrate Blogging into Language Arts with Kidblog Lessons

Create an authentic writing experience. Through a series of language arts blogging activities, students learn how to share an insight, provide advice, and express an opinion as responsible digital citizens. Blogging in the classroom allows students to write in their own voice in a welcoming environment.

  • Identify the topic, purpose, and audience for a blog
  • Plan and organize writing ideas for a blog post
  • Use first person narrative style in posts
  • Express an insight, advice, or opinion in posts
  • Write a post with a title, sections, tags, pictures
  • Revise posts to improve content and layout
  • Format posts effectively for easy reading
  • Exchange ideas using commenting etiquette
  • Be respectful of others and maintain privacy
  • Set blog properties and upload a profile picture

Customer Reviews

In the TechnoBlog technology project, students become bloggers. They use a blogging service to post articles about a topic. Through a series of language arts activities students share an insight, provide advice, and express an opinion, as responsible digital citizens. They form a community of bloggers actively engaging in writing, reading, and commenting on posts. The Kidblog lessons are ideal for a blogging unit, language arts writing unit, or a class or school newsletter.

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I am very grateful to TechnoKids' staff for going out of their way to help me. They responded quickly and efficiently. Many thanks!!

Ann Marie Nail-Daswani, Tangier, American School of Tangier


I am using Techno Blog with my grade 5 classes this year. It has been great. The teacher manual and student handbook are very detailed, well organized and easy to use. KidBlog was a little tricky to figure out at first but with a little practice my students and I are really enjoying our blogging experience.

Andrea Taylor, Toronto, Newtons Grove School


I appreciate all that you do and I love the TechnoKids materials.

K. Moraes, Richboro, PA, Poquessing Middle School


I use TechnoBlog, TechnoFuture, and TechnoHTML. Love your materials.

S. Wright, Rock Springs, WY, USA, Rock Springs Junior High


I am using TechnoBlog with 7th grade English classes. We love it! Everything is laid out so well that the Language Arts teacher and myself find it very easy to use. We are using KidBlog as our blog platform and like how we can set up all the different options.

L. Marusinec , WI, USA, Central Middle School


I love your lessons for my Middle School. The students not only learn so much about computers, but Language Arts as well.

H. Nugent-Patten , CA, USA, Colonel Mitchell Paige School


I am using TechnoBlog with 7th grade English classes. We love it! Everything is laid out so well that the Language Arts teacher and myself find it very easy to use. We are using Kidblog as our blog platform and like how we can set up all the different options.


          blogging activities reviewer      


      L. Marusinec,
       Central Middle School,

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