Item Number: SNR-MISSION

Technology Integration: Language Arts, Math, Science, Visual Arts

Technology Skill: Database, Graphics, Photo Editing

Program: Microsoft Office, Access, Paint


Introduction to Database Lesson Plans: Teacher Guide, Printable Student Workbook, Paperless Worksheets, Extension Activities

Handouts and Assessment Tools: TechnoMission Parent Letter, TechnoMission Certificate, Summary of Skills Checklist, Table Marking Sheet, Form Marking Sheet, Report Marking Sheet

Introduction to Microsoft Access Samples and Templates: Space Exploration Database (database includes 55 space missions), Mission Patch Sample, Mission Patches Presentation, Astronaut Space Suit Templates, Space Ship Template, Planets Database Sample, Food Groups Database Sample

Session 1: Space Exploration

Study the Space Exploration database and learn to filter and view records.

Session 2: Join TechnoNASA

Edit a picture to be included in a data entry in a database record.

Session 3: Cyberspace Mission

Research information about a chosen topic, using the internet.

Session 4: Build a Table

Build a data table in a new database.

Session 5: Design a Form

Create a form to add records from collected research data.

Session 6: Generate a Report

Categorize information about the topic in a summary report.

Introduction to Database Extension Activities

  • About Space Missions: Practice filtering records.
  • Sort and Find Records: Learn advanced skills.
  • Blast Off! Review photo editing skills.
  • Make a Mission Patch: Design your own patch.
  • The Moon, Mars, and Beyond: Try Internet searches.
  • My Family: Create a family database.
Introduction to Database Lesson Plans
Filter and Read Database Records
Fun Photo Editing Activity
Generate an Access Report

Introduction to Database Project using Microsoft Access Lesson Plans

Integrate technology into a problem solving and data management unit. Or choose a topic related to a language arts, science, social studies, geography, or history for a cross-curricular project.

  • View, find, sort, filter, and add records in a database
  • Superimpose two images using digital tools
  • Plan and organize the topic of a database
  • Use search engines to research information
  • Build a new database
  • Create a table and set field properties to store data
  • Design a data entry form
  • Organize categorical data in a database form
  • Produce a report that groups and sorts records
  • Revise the content and layout of a database object

Customer Reviews

Microsoft Access introduction to database lesson plans integrate computers into curriculum. Students follow the detailed, illustrated instructions in TechnoMission to learn how to construct a simple database. They begin with by exploring a database about space exploration. Then they plan and construct a database on a topic of their choice. A table is created and field properties are adjusted. Next, they design a form and finally they generate a simple report.

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My students loved this project. Teaching database concepts is always a challenge, but this program made it understandable to the students and they loved working at their own pace.

Linda Parsons, Orlando, Arbor Ridge K-8


I really enjoyed TechnoMission. The students really felt part of the curriculum being able to pick their own topic. Mission is great being that learning Access can be difficult. Some students said yesterday that they think Access is easier, maybe due to the fact we are using Mission space exploration to teach it!

Lisa Matarrese, Orlando, Southwest Middle


I loved Techno Mission and so did the kids. It was great.

W. Comeau, Burns Lake, BC, Canada, Lakes District Secondary School


I absolutely LOVE IT! It is saving my life! The kids really enjoy the activities and I don't have to reinvent the wheel.

K. Hinman , MI, USA, Tawas Area High School

I absolutely LOVE IT! It is saving my life! The kids really enjoy the activities and I don't have to reinvent the wheel.

database lessons reviewer

K. Hinman,
Tawas Area High School,

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