Technology Integration: Business Studies, Language Arts

Technology Skill: Desktop Publishing, Graphics, Word Processing

Program: Microsoft Office, Word


Advanced Word Processing Lessons for High School: Teacher Guide, Printable Student Workbook, Paperless Worksheets, Review Questions, Extension Activities

Handouts and Assessment Tools: TechnoAdvertise Parent Letter, TechnoAdvertise Certificate, Summary of Skills Checklist, Cover Letter and Resume Marking Sheet, Flyer Checklist, Flyer Marking Sheet, Catalog Checklist, Catalog Marking Sheet, Mail Merge Marking Sheet, Newsletter Marking Sheet,

Samples and Templates: Sample Publications, Sample Pictures, Cover Letters Folder, Resume Folder, Flyer Folder, References Tab Template, Bike Shop Template, Manage Sources Template

Session 1: Job Search

Apply for a marketing job. Write and cover letter and submit a résumé.

Session 2: Create a Flyer

Begin work for an ad agency. Design a flyer using WordArt, SmartArt, text boxes, and more!

Session 3: Design a Catalog – Phase 1

Layout catalog pages with section breaks, headers, footers, borders, columns, and tables.

Session 4: Design a Catalog – Phase 2

Add a table of contents, cross reference, and index to a catalog.

Session 5: Send a Custom Form Letter

Create a form letter. Invite customers to an event using a mail merge.

Session 6: Produce a Newsletter

Produce a newsletter for an organization. Use tools on the Review and View tabs.

Optional Advanced Word Processing Lessons for High School

  • Job Acceptance Letter: Use letter writing format.
  • Design an Event Poster: Advertise a dance.
  • Create a Fax Cover Sheet: Layout a cover sheet.
  • Cite the Source: Use Word to organize references.
  • We are Moving: Merge data to write a form letter.
Teach Advanced Word Processing Skills
Create a Flyer Advertisement
Develop a Product Catalog
Write and Issue a Newsletter

Advanced Word Processing Lessons for High School

Include TechnoAdvertise in a computer application, career training, workplace preparation, or business studies course. Build practical workplace skills and make real world connections with Microsoft Word projects for high school students.

  • Produce professional publications using technology
  • Apply a style and customize the appearance
  • Format paragraph and character spacing
  • Adjust page orientation, border, margins, watermark
  • Format graphics: pictures, clip art, shapes, smartart
  • Organize a document into sections
  • Create a table and format the cells
  • Insert and format a header and footer
  • Insert a table of contents, index, and cross-reference
  • Merge data into a form letter

Customer Reviews

Teach advanced word processing skills with TechnoAdvertise Microsoft Word lessons for high school. Students create a cover letter and resume to apply to the TechnoAd Agency. Once hired they design a flyer, catalog, custom mailer, and newsletter for clients. Master skills in creating tables, styles, mail merge, table of contents, index, and more!

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The curriculum is great! Everything is readily available.

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The curriculum is great! Everything is readily available.

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