Item Number: JNR-POET

Technology Integration: Language Arts

Technology Skill: Desktop Publishing, Word Processing

Program: Word, Microsoft Office

Includes: Poetry Lesson Plans, Teacher Guide, Printable Student Workbook, Paperless Worksheets, Review Questions, Extension Activities, TechnoPoet Parent Letter, TechnoPoet Certificate, Summary of Skills Checklist, TechnoPoet Marking Sheet, Pocketful of Poems Sample, Pocketful of Poems Template, Poetry Template, Soccer Practice Template, Morning Template (templates include a custom toolbar)

Session 1: Pocketful of Poems

Edit the Pocketful of Poems title page by changing the look of text.

Session 2: Poems that Rhyme

Write a rhyming verse entitled 'What Bugs Me'.

Session 3: Picture Poems

Create a picture poem. Describe an object and pair it with a picture.

Session 4: Descriptive Poetry

Use the thesaurus to write descriptive verse. Find those perfect words!

Session 5: Tongue Twisters

Write and illustrate a tongue twister about you.

Session 6: Poetry Reading

Proofread your poetry collection for publishing. Share in a poetry reading.

Optional Poetry Lesson Plans

Designing Words: Make words match their meanings.
Concrete Poetry: Write a poem that looks like its topic.
True or False: Test your new skills.
Soccer Practice: Write a picture poem.
Cinquains: Try a simple pattern poem.
Haiku: Count syllables to write a nature poem.
Giggle Poetry: Go online to find funny poems.

Make a Poetry Booklet in Word
Integrate Technology with Language Arts
Includes Templates with Custom Toolbars
Create a Picture Poem

Fun Poetry Lesson Plans for Kids using Microsoft Word

Integrate technology into a language arts poetry unit. Apply word processing skills to write and illustrate tongue twisters, descriptive poetry, picture poems, and more.

  • Use technology tools to enhance learning
  • Communicate information using various media
  • Organize ideas to write for an intended purpose
  • Compose poems using a variety of forms
  • Use words and phrases to convey meaning
  • Decorate pages with borders, WordArt, and pictures
  • Revise a document to improve the content
  • Publish a poetry booklet using technology
  • Read poetry to classmates
  • Enjoy and understand poetry

Customer Reviews

Elementary students learn word processing skills as they write a variety of poems. Their poetry collection includes picture poems, rhymes, tongue twisters, and descriptive poetry. TechnoPoet poetry lesson plans include templates with a custom toolbar to assist young learners.

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TechnoPoet is a great project to do during National Poetry month. Students create a poetry booklet editing and composing different types of poems. Students learn advance Word processing skills such as text wrap, picture styles, and object order. Individuality and creativity is shown as with all TechnoKids projects.

Joyce Roberts, Fort Worth, TX, USA, Holy Family Catholic School

We love that it is project based, not app based.

Word activities beginners reviewer

S. McNeill,
Stockdale Christian School,

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