Item Number: JNR-CANDY

Technology Integration: Business Studies, Language Arts, Math, Visual Arts

Technology Skill: Data Management, Spreadsheet, Word Processing

Program: Excel, Excel Online, Excel Survey, Google, Google Docs, Google Forms, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Microsoft Office, Office 365 Online, PowerPoint, PowerPoint Online, Word, Word Online


Spreadsheet Lessons: Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel Lesson Plans with Problem Solving Activities, TechnoCandy Teacher Guide, Printable Student Workbook, Paperless Worksheets, Extension Activities

Handouts and Assessment Tools: TechnoCandy Parent Letter, TechnoCandy Certificate, TechnoCandy Skill Summary, Report Checklist, Report Marking Sheet, Spreadsheet Quiz

Samples: Spreadsheet Workbook, Report, Package Design, Report Template, Package Template

Assignment 1: Spreadsheets and You

Recognize the practical application of spreadsheets. Set a goal for learning.

Assignment 2: Explore Spreadsheets

Explore Google Sheets or Excel Online to learn spreadsheet terminology and acquire basic skills.

Assignment 3: Understand the Problem

Develop an understanding of the problem. Make a plan to collect information.

Assignment 4: Conduct a Survey

Conduct a survey about color preferences.

Assignment 5: Record Survey Results in a Spreadsheet

Organize survey results in a spreadsheet. Format the data to make it easy to read.

Assignment 6: Calculate Survey Data

Calculate data using the Sum function.

Assignment 7: Graph the Survey Results

Graph survey data. Interpret the results.

Assignment 8: Research the Candy

Investigate candy packaging. Record predictions and actual amounts of colored candies.

Assignment 9: Record Research Results

Organize research results in a new sheet. Calculate totals using the Sum function.

Assignment 10: Make a Comparison Chart

Sort data. Create a comparison graph. Analyze research findings.

Assignment 11: Report Solution to the Problem

Recommend a solution to the problem based on the evidence. Use graphs to support reasoning.

Assignment 12: Submit the Report

Complete a checklist. Submit report.

Optional Spreadsheet Lessons:

  • Play Spreadsheet Bingo: Practice spreadsheet skills.
  • Have Fun with Cell References: Foster creativity.
  • Experiment with Sum: Compare calculations.
  • Explore Pie and Line Graphs: Make different types of graphs.
  • Draw Packaging: Design a candy package.
  • Make a Survey: Ask a question. Display results. (Google only)
Conduct a Survey
Research Candy Package
Recommend a Solution
Spreadsheet Lessons for Beginners

Spreadsheet Activities for Beginners

Elementary students learn technology and math skills through problem solving in TechnoCandy. The spreadsheet activities connect mathematics to a real-world situation that is simplified to make it understandable for children. Students are challenged to develop a solution that will increase candy sales. This project can be used to develop critical thinking, teach inquiry and analytic research methods, and build problem solving strategies.

  • Connect mathematics to everyday life
  • Investigate a problem using spreadsheets
  • Conduct a survey and research candy packaging to collect data
  • Develop a plan based on evidence
  • Recommend a solution and explain reasoning in a written report
  • Organize data in a spreadsheet using multiple sheets
  • Graph data in a single and double bar graph and interpret results
  • Format cells to make data easy to read
  • Calculate data using formulas
  • Sort data alphabetically and numerically

Customer Reviews

Spark student interest with engaging spreadsheet and word processing lessons for beginners. Students investigate a problem by conducting a survey and researching candy packaging. Then they develop a plan to boost candy sales by adjusting the color of candies in a package. TechnoCandy spreadsheet lessons show students how to organize, calculate, and graph data. Based on the evidence, students recommend a solution in a written report.

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My students love Techno Candy, this is my 4th year teaching this. They learn about spreadsheets, inserting charts, and the use of auto fill. They really look forward to being able to eat the candy at the end of the assignment.

michele walker, whitney, whitney middle school


This is my second year to use Techno Candy. The students enjoy it, it is a very good lesson to introduce spreadsheets. They learn how to insert, charts and graphs, which will be beneficial later on in math or science classes.

michele , whitney, whitney middle school


It was a nice way to introduce Google Sheets to my 3rd - 5th graders!

Pam V, Everett, WA USA, Forest View Elementary

I love the content and easy to follow instructions.

google sheets lessons reviewer

C. Wong,
Big Little Matrix,
Hunters Hill, NSW, Australia

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