Item Number: JNR-BIZ

Technology Integration: Language Arts, Math

Technology Skill: Desktop Publishing, Spreadsheet, Word Processing

Program: Word, Excel, Microsoft Office

Includes: Spreadsheet Lesson Plans - Teacher Guide, Printable Student Workbook, Paperless Worksheets, Review Questions, Extension Activities, TechnoBiz Parent Letter, TechnoBiz Certificate, Summary of Skills Checklist, Report Marking Sheet, Survey Template, Report Template, Survey Sample, Excel Bingo Resources

Session 1: An Introduction to Excel

Acquire basic spreadsheet skills while participating in Excel Bingo.

Session 2: Color Survey

Collect worksheet data by conducting a survey of candy color preferences.

Session 3: Graph the Survey Results

Create and format a graph of candy survey results using Excel.

Session 4: Research Candy Packaging

Research and record packaging data results in a worksheet.

Session 5: Graph Packaging Results

Use a comparison bar graph to illustrate candy packaging results.

Session 6: Write a Report

Summarize findings and propose a solution in a report.

Optional Spreadsheet Lesson Plans

Guess the Picture: Fill cells with color.
Secret Messages: Guess the code.
Shopping Spree: Buy toys and total expenses.
Sports Survey: Practice graphing skills.

Problem Solve using Spreadsheets
Introduce Excel to Beginners
Conduct a Survey and Graph Results
Summarize Results in a Report

Project Based Learning and Excel Activities

Integrate technology with mathematics. Introduce elementary students to Excel and spreadsheets using a problem solving model. Can they develop a plan to increase candy sales?

  • Relate mathematics to real-world situations
  • Develop problem-solving strategies
  • Use technology to conduct investigations
  • Organize survey data in a worksheet
  • Analyze the results of a survey
  • Format content in a spreadsheet
  • Predict outcomes and compare to actual results
  • Graph data and analyze the information
  • Calculate totals using the autosum feature
  • Recommend a solution to a problem in a report.

Customer Reviews

Elementary students analyze candy preferences to develop a plan to improve candy sales. Spreadsheet lesson plans focus on authentic computer and math skills, including how to organize, graph, and calculate data.

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What a great program to teach Excel to the students! They all love it and have so much fun. They don't even realize that they're actually learning a program. The BINGO game was such a hit that we played until every student had their "cards" filled completely. Thank you for an amazing program!

Stacie F., Oakdale, MN, Homeschool


Great project. My kids really liked the Excel Bingo to start the lessons. Great step by step approach to learning Excel.

Kristen S, Butler, PA, BCS


I've just download and gone through the materials. I will be using them to teach tomorrow. I love the content and easy to follow instructions.

C. Wong, Hunters Hill, Australia, Big Little Matrix


I love the Techno Kids projects.  I will be sure to place another order soon for the next school year!

T. Sauer, KY, USA, OCES

TechnoBiz is extremely effective for helping the kids learn how to operate Excel. It is also very quick and easy for me to prepare and teach. I appreciate all that you’ve done to help our kids learn.

excel lesson plans reviewer

M. Kaempfer,
Orangewood Christian School,

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