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TechnoSpecialist Details

Become a Computer Specialist! Use the activities in TechnoSpecialist to create an information package that explains computer hardware in simple terms using PowerPoint. Easy to follow lesson plans for high school students.

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TechnoSpecialist Includes:

Teacher Guide

Student Workbook

About Computers Sample

History of Computers Template

Review Questions

Skill Reviews

Extension Activities

Marking Sheet

Summary of Skills Checklist

Parent Letter



Storage Device Lessons

RAM and ROM Review

TechnoSpecialist Certificate

Presentation Sheet

High School Computer Activities

TechnoSpecialist Icon High school students become IT Specialists. Their job is to help customers purchase computer hardware by creating an information package in PowerPoint that explains computer parts in simple terms.

Session 1 Introduction to the Computer

High school students learn about the computer, by participating in engaging activities. To start, they study types of computers and then complete a worksheet to select the most suitable computer for the task. Next, they read about input and output devices and answer questions about the components.

Afterwards, students follow detailed instructions to customize the slide master in PowerPoint to make a unique design for their information package. Upon completion, students create a title and introduction slide.

Session 2 Storage Devices

High School Lesson Plans - Understanding Data Storage The computer lesson plans in TechnoSpecialist, include data storage activities. High school students consider the reasons a computer needs to store data and are introduced to terminology used to measure storage capacity.
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Next, they learn about storage devices including:

  • floppy disk
  • CD
  • DVD
  • flash drive
  • hard drive
Following detailed instructions, students create PowerPoint slides about each storage device. They they learn how to design and format a table to create a comparison chart about the storage capacity of each device. The computer activities in TechnoSpecialist teach high school students how to produce a comparison chart in PowerPoint.

Session 3 Types of Memory

In TechnoSpecialist are computer activities that teach high school students about RAM and ROM. The computer activities in TechnoSpecialist, explain about RAM and ROM. Students read information to discover why the computer needs memory and how it affects performance. Afterwards, they summarize the facts using a graphic organizer.

Session 4 The Microprocessor

High school students become familiar with the microprocessor in this set of computer activities. To understand why the CPU is the main factor in computer speed and efficiency, the history, function, and operation are studied. The computer activities in TechnoSpecialist help high school students gain an understanding of the importance of the CPU.

Afterwards a slide is constructed that explains to customers in a simple way the importance of the microprocessor and what should be considered when making a purchasing decision in regards to this computer part.

Learning Objectives
  • understand computer terminology
  • explain the function of computer components
  • describe the features that make an efficient computer
  • compare the capacity of various storage devices
  • design a master slide in PowerPoint
  • create a comparison chart using a table
  • illustrate a concept using a graphic organizer
  • insert a video and sound clip onto a slide
  • edit an image on a slide
  • output a file as a handout, kiosk, and web page

Session 5 Sight and Sound

In TechnoSpecialist, are lesson plans about the monitor, graphics card, and sound card. High school students complete a worksheet about the attributes that affect picture quality. Using step by step PowerPoint instructions, students summarize this information on a slide:

  • contrast ratio
  • pixel pitch
  • resolution
  • viewing angle
TECHNOSPECIALIST:  Prepare an information package to help consumers understand computer components.

Next, students read about the sound card to gain an understanding about how the computer produces sound. They write a simple explanation about the sound card onto a PowerPoint slide. Following the detailed steps, students record a sound clip that informs customers about this computer component.

Session 6 Your Computer, Your Way

High school students prepare to launch the company initiative, Your Computer, Your Way. To start, they use the instructions in TechnoSpecialist, to edit the spelling and add speaker notes to each slide. Students then practice sharing the information package with customers by presenting the slide show to an audience, using the recently created speaker notes and pen to illustrate important points. A customizable marking sheet for the presentation is provided.

Next, students learn how to save the information package with a new filename, to create an interactive tutorial that uses hyperlinks and action buttons to allow customers to access the information at a kiosk. Afterwards, the information package is transformed into a web page so that it can be posted to the Internet. Finally, students print the information package as a handout. A worksheet is provided that encourages students to consider how the various output formats of the Your Computer, Your Way information package are beneficial to customers.

Optional High School Computer Activities

TechnoSpecialist includes optional computer activities:

  • About the Computer: Review input and output devices.
  • History of the Computer: Edit PowerPoint slides.
  • Data Storage: Select the right device for the task.
  • Computers in Society: Produce a graphic organizer.

Other Computer Activities
Discover computer basics.
Raise environmental awareness.
Explore the Internet.
Learn HTML code.
Become an event planner.

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