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Excel Lessons for High School Students! Analyze data, prepare reports, summarize, and assess information to understand the workings of a business.

TechnoConsultant XP/03
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TechnoConsultant Includes:

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Excel Lessons

Form Letter Sample

Excel Lessons for High School Students

TechnoConsultant Icon High school students become consultants. They analyze data using Microsoft Excel and then prepare a report summarizing their recommendations.

Session 1 Assemble Business Data

High school students assume the role of a consultant. They use Microsoft Excel to analyze data and develop a business solution. To start, they assemble data from the TechnoFurniture Company, in a workbook including sales history and employee performance. This information is organized so that it is easy to understand.

Session 2 Graph Sales Information

The Excel lessons in TechnoConsultant, have high school students assess the financial situation of the fictional company by graphing data using a bar, line, and pie graph. The findings to the following questions are summarized in a proposal created in Microsoft Word.

  • Which product lines are earning the most money?
  • Which product lines are generating the least money?
  • What period of time is showing the most earnings?
  • What quarter is producing the least amount of money?

Session 3 Increase Sales by Product Line

In the Excel lessons in TechnoConsultant, high school students generate several scenarios for increasing revenue. By setting a sales target product lines are manipulated to illustrate the effect on the bottom line.

Using the Solver feature of Microsoft Excel in combination with the Scenario Manager how much money each category of furnishings including bedroom, office, kitchen, living room, and accents must increase are determined. Moreover, the sales that each product line would need to earn to meet these targets are also established. This provides the information the consultants need to help the TechnoFurniture Company set some financial goals.

Session 4 Buy Now, Pay Later Sales Solution

To help the business reach the sales targets, consultants propose the idea of allowing customers to buy now and pay later using a payment plan. The Excel lessons explain step by step, how to design a sales tool that calculates the payment schedule, taking into account the payment period, current interest rates of borrowing money, and the purchase price.

TECHNOCONSULTANT: High school students become consultants. They analyze data using Microsoft Excel and then prepare a report summarizing their recommendations.
Create a worksheet that calculates a payment schedule.

Learning Objectives
  • analyze data to develop a business solution
  • organize data in a worksheet
  • calculate data using formulas
  • graph data and format the appearance
  • sort and filter data
  • create a pivot table and pivot chart
  • perform a what-if analysis
  • summarize findings in a proposal document
  • create a form letter that merges data from Excel
  • insert a hyperlink to another file

Session 5 Study Sales Information

Students study sales information by division. The analysis begins with the creation of a Pivot Table that presents sales information in a unique way.

By manipulating the data, the sales figures can be examined to gain an understanding of the performance of each division within the company. This summary is graphed using a Pivot Chart.
Excel lessons in TechnoConsultant explain step by step how to produce a pivot table and pivot chart.
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Questions encourage students to critically analyze the data. Afterwards, students add to the proposal document an explanation of the the current situation of the company and make recommendations for ways to improve sales.

Session 6 Analyze Employee Performance

Next, students study employee performance. As consultants, they are interested in analyzing the business earnings for the past year. Of particular interest is the sales history of personnel. By filtering and sorting the data in Excel they discover the “top performers”. Students follow detailed instructions to create a personalized form letter in Microsoft Word that merges data from the Excel workbook. This form letter congratulates the "top performers" and offers them a bonus, as a reward for their outstanding sales record.

Session 7 Putting it all Together

Once the analysis of data is complete, high school students follow the detailed instructions to put the finishing touches on their proposal. Spell checking the content, inserting a hyperlink to the workbook, and formatting the appearance, all help to create a professional document.

The Microsoft Excel workbook is prepared for printing by adding headers and footers, and setting the print area. The solution is then presented to the business.

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