Grades 8-12 - Computer Lesson Plans

Senior Technology Projects

  • High School Computer courses
  • Teach word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, database, animation, and photo editing activities.

Advanced Technology Projects for High School Students

TechnoKids Senior Computer Curriculum is a collection of technology projects. Each project includes a teacher guide, workbook and customizable resource files. Computer lessons teach advanced skills that prepare middle and high school students for higher learning and the workplace.

Photo of SNR-WONDERLAND - TechnoWonderland


Promote an amusement park. Design posters in Word, surveys in Excel, ads in PowerPoint, and more!

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Photo of SNR-SET - Senior Microsoft Plus Set
Best Value

Senior Microsoft Plus Set

Advanced computer lessons for Grades 8-12. Project based activities prepare students for the future.

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Photo of SNR-PHOTOSHOP - TechnoPhotoshop CC

TechnoPhotoshop CC

Retouch, crop, adjust, and superimpose images using Photoshop lessons. Photo editing activities for beginners.

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Photo of SNR-ADVERTISE - TechnoAdvertise


Develop advanced word processing skills. Create a resume to get hired. Design publications for an Ad Agency.

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Photo of SNR-SPECIALIST - TechnoSpecialist


Become an IT Specialist. Design an information package with PowerPoint to inform customers about hardware.

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Photo of SNR-FLASH - TechnoFlash CC

TechnoFlash CC

Create an animated space story with detailed Flash lessons that teach animation techniques to beginners.

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Photo of SNR-PLANNER - TechnoPlanner


Become event planners. Organize event data using Microsoft Access tables, forms, queries, and reports.

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Photo of MICROSOFTPLUSPKG - Microsoft Plus Package

Microsoft Plus Package

Computer lessons include project based activities that use Microsoft Office. Make learning meaningful.

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Prepare Students for the Future!

Computer lessons teach essential skills using a project based approach.

  • Lesson plans challenge students to develop advanced computing skills
  • Student worksheets can be annotated for paperless classrooms
  • Easy to follow instructions allow students to work independently
  • Projects apply digital tools to complete problem solving tasks

Thank you for such a wonderful product. I love the curriculum that TechnoKids provides to teachers. Every chance I get I tell other computer teachers of your work. The projects through TechnoKids are legendary in my school and students come in asking about them on the first day of class (and I teach high school). I noticed that when I am using TechnoKids curriculum, I have less attendance, discipline, and attention problems. Thank you for such a wonderful product at a price teachers can afford.

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E. Gulledge,
Dickson County High School,