Grades K-3 - Computer Lesson Plans

Primary Technology Projects

  • Computer Lesson Plans
  • Create books, paint pictures, and produce reports.
  • Teach basic skills with fun, innovative activities.

Technology Projects for Preschool, Kindergarten, and Primary Students

TechnoKids Primary Computer Curriculum is a collection of technology projects. Each project includes a teacher guide, workbook and customizable resource files. Computer lessons are designed for Preschool or Kindergarten, Grade 1, Grade 2, and Grade 3 students.

Photo of GOOGLEPKG - Google Apps Package
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Google Apps Package

A collection of Google Apps technology projects. Write stories, create presentations, design a newsletter, research information, graph data, and more.

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Photo of MICROSOFTPLUSPKG - Microsoft Plus Package
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Microsoft Plus Package

Project based activities for Microsoft Office. More than 40 projects that integrate technology into curriculum.

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Photo of OFFICE365PKG - Office 365 Online Package
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Office 365 Online Package

A collection of Office 365 Online technology projects. Write stories, create presentations, design a newsletter, research information, graph data, and more.

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Photo of MICROSOFTCOMPLETEPKG - Microsoft Complete Package: Microsoft Plus + Office 365 Projects
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Microsoft Complete Package: Microsoft Plus + Office 365 Projects

Project based activities for Microsoft Office and Office 365 Online. More than 50 projects that integrate technology into curriculum.

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KID PIX 3D Bundle

Introduce computer basics with fun activities using KID PIX 3D. Bundle includes 5 projects and an Activity Book.

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Photo of PRI-SET - Primary Microsoft Plus Set

Primary Microsoft Plus Set

A set of projects for Preschool to Grade 3. Integrate technology. Lessons teach computer fundamentals.

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Photo of PRI-STORIES - TechnoStories
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Introduce word processing to primary and elementary students. Use simple templates to illustrate, write, edit, and publish storybooks.

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Photo of PRI-PAINTER - TechnoPainter
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Paint artwork using digital tools to receive an Awesome Artist award. Learn computer basics and be creative.

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Photo of PRI-ME - TechnoMe


Create an All About Me slideshow with Google Slides or PowerPoint Online. Share fun facts, goals, and likes using a template.

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Photo of PRI-ACTIVITYBOOK - KID PIX 3D Activity Book

KID PIX 3D Activity Book

Integrate technology with computer based activities. Create timelines, maps, brochures, poetry, and more!

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Photo of PRI-GALLERY - TechnoGallery


Art activities for primary and elementary students. Explore digital tools to create original artwork.

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Photo of PRI-START - TechnoStart


Beginners learn essential computer skills. Activities for Google Apps and Windows users.

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Photo of PRI-BASICS - TechnoBasics KID PIX 3D

TechnoBasics KID PIX 3D

Become a Computer Whiz. Teach computer fundamentals to develop essential skills using KID PIX 3D.

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Photo of PRI-AUTHOR - TechnoAuthor


Write, edit and illustrate fairy tales using simple Microsoft Word templates. Use a planner to organize ideas.

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Photo of PRI-BOOK - TechnoBook


Write and illustrate simple stories! Making books in Microsoft Word is fun and easy with these lesson plans.

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Photo of PRI-LETTERS - TechnoLetters KID PIX 3D

TechnoLetters KID PIX 3D

Promote essential literacy skills. Use KID PIX 3D to develop letter recognition and phonetic awareness.

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Photo of PRI-ANIMAL - TechnoAnimal


Research an animal and design PowerPoint slides about habitat, appearance, food, young, and threats.

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Photo of PRI-COP - TechnoCop


Solve silly crimes such as Case of the Cookie Crook and Blank Screen Bandit. Make a badge and wanted poster.

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Photo of PRI-CELEBRATE - TechnoCelebrate


Explore traditions and celebrations from around the world using a simple Microsoft Access database.

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Photo of PRI-NUMBERS - TechnoNumbers KID PIX 3D

TechnoNumbers KID PIX 3D

Develop early numeracy skills. Explore the fun tools in KID PIX 3D to sequence, count, and sort numbers.

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Photo of PRI-SHAPES - TechnoShapes KID PIX 3D

TechnoShapes KID PIX 3D

Spark students' imaginations. Explore shapes as an element of design by creating geometric artwork using KID PIX 3D.

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Photo of PRI-CITY - TechnoCity


Create a multimedia report. Use a Microsoft PowerPoint template to describe facts about your community.

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Photo of PRI-COLORS - TechnoColors KID PIX 3D

TechnoColors KID PIX 3D

Inspire creativity. Explore color as an element of design. Use the digital tools in KID PIX 3D to produce artwork.

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Photo of PRI-FIT - TechnoFit


Participate in the Be Fit Challenge. Raise public awareness about health and nutrition using Microsoft Publisher.

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Photo of PRI-BOOKMAKING - TechnoBookmaking


Make a tiny picture book, flip flap story, unfolding riddle book, layer book of facts, bookmarks, greeting card, and more! Bookmaking lessons with templates.

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I am impressed with the variety of topics and projects, the completeness of the skills covered and the quality and thoroughness of your prep materials. Students enjoy the activities which encourage independence and exploration. Your support is outstanding. It is not often that a vendor contacts a customer to follow up on how a product is working for them.

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