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TechnoBiz Details

Introduce Students to Microsoft Excel! Teach basic spreadsheet skills using the easy to follow lessons in TechnoBiz. Perfect for elementary students!

TechnoBiz 2013
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TechnoBiz Upgrade 2013
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TechnoBiz Includes:

Teacher Guide

Student Workbook

Excel Bingo Materials

Excel Template

Word Template

Excel Workbook Sample

Candy Color Report Sample

Review Questions

Skill Reviews

Extension Activities

Parent Letter



Survey Lesson Plans

Color Survey Spreadsheet

Student Report

Spreadsheet Lesson Plans

TechnoBiz Icon Elementary students analyze candy preferences to develop a plan to improve candy sales. Emphasis is placed on learning spreadsheet skills including how to organize, graph, and calculate data.

Session 1 An Introduction to Excel

The spreadsheet lesson plans in TechnoBiz begin with an introduction to terminology. Students complete a worksheet to identify the parts of the spreadsheet window. Afterwards, they follow step by step instructions to select cells, enter text, and format the appearance of a worksheet.

Students apply these skills to play a game of Excel Bingo. This game provides a fun way of learning to identify cell references by filling a Bingo card with color. Provided with the spreadsheet lesson plans are detailed Bingo instructions, score sheets, and Bingo tags.

Session 2 Color Survey

Students must solve a real life problem: The Yum Yum candy company is losing sales due to unpopular candy colors.

To develop a solution, students conduct a survey of their peers about color preferences. Then they follow detailed instructions to organize their findings in an Excel template.

Spreadsheet Lesson Plans - The sample lesson plans show students how to conduct a survey to solve a real life problem. The survey results are entered into an Excel spreadsheet template.
View Sample Lesson Plans

Session 3 Graph the Survey Results

TECHNOBIZ: Increase candy sales. Develop a plan with the help of Excel.

Students graph the survey results and write a summary to explain the findings. They learn to:

  • format a bar graph
  • label a graph
  • interpret the data

Sample Spreadsheet

Session 4 Research Candy Packaging

Students predict the number of each color of candy in a package. Afterwards, they count the actual amount. Following illustrated instructions, students organize the data in an Excel worksheet.

Learning Objectives
  • use mathematics to solve real world problems
  • organize survey data in worksheet
  • analyse the results of a survey
  • predict outcomes and compare to actual results
  • select data with mouse, enter and tab key, name box
  • format the content of a cell
  • graph data and analyze the information
  • calculate totals using the AutoSum feature
  • make a comparison chart
  • write a report to communicate a solution to a problem

Session 5 Graph Package Results

Students create a comparison graph of the candy packaging. They summarize the findings to compare their predictions to the actual results.

Session 6 Write a Report

Students develop a plan for changing the content of a candy package. Using a template provided in the spreadsheet lesson plans, they outline their solution in a Microsoft Word report.

The report includes:

  • description of the problem
  • color survey graph
  • candy color graph
  • proposed solution

Spreadsheet Lesson Plans - To complete the TechnoBiz project, students write a report including the survey graph and a plan for the solution of the candy problem.
View Sample Report

Optional Spreadsheet Lesson Plans

Included with the spreadsheet lesson plans are challenging enrichment activities:

  • Guess the Picture: Fill cells with color.
  • Secret Messages: Guess the code.
  • Shopping Spree: Buy toys and total expenses.
  • Sports Survey: Practice graphing skills.

Other Lesson Plans to Teach Excel
Start up a restaurant.
Operate a business.
Buy and sell stocks.
Plan a bake sale.
Create brainteasers.

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